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At Pahuja Law Academy, we provide Specialized Teachers for every subject to Students. For Commercial Law, For Criminal Law, For Civil Law, & For Constitutional Law. This ensures that Students are up-to-date with relevant concepts by respective Specialized professional faculties.

Teaching Technique – Interactive Classes made possible with daily written bullet notes, covering every topic plus small batch size. This ensures a better understanding of Concepts thus, students can ask as many questions if they want to clear the basics of any concept.

Plus, after class, the student will solve 10 Prelims Questions & 5 Mains questions, with attached in Bullet notes at home and get it checked by faculty next day. This way a student is monitored on daily basis on Concepts & Answering skills on every topic that has been taught in class by the Teachers through Daily Question Submission Tracking Register.

Therefore, in Complete 1-year Judicial Services Course, a student gets an opportunity to get more than 1000 Mains Questions checked from the Teacher through Bullet Notes route in addition to subject wise and full state wise test Series Mains questions. This way a student is able to master the art of Mains answer writing for Judicial Services Exam, which by our estimate takes at least 6 months to master after effective monitoring of answers by a teacher.

Above all, the most important point is that Teachers are willing to put in extra efforts & take extra pain even after the class to give personal attention to each student to solve all of the queries. Pahuja Law Academy is a totally Result Oriented Institute that only focusses on success.


Pahuja Law Academy (PLA) has a sui generis approach towards the preparation for multifarious Judicial Service Examination for all States across the country. PLA gives a wholesome subject-wise understanding about the varied concepts of laws which are relevant for all and sundry Judicial Service Examinations throughout India.
Pahuja Law Academy arrived in style and broke all the traditional norms set by other institutes in Judicial Coaching circles. PLA provides specialized coaching for all the subjects with the help of dedicated teachers for different subjects of law. In order to carter the needs of the Judiciary Students, we at PLA provide individual attention to each and every student for better clarity of concepts by breaking down the batch size so that the students and teachers are able to interact with each other.
PLA runs 9-10 batches at a time and there no restrictions on switching the batches and students can complete the course with us at their own pace. The infrastructure of PLA facilitates the provision of multiple batches of judiciary classes. It has 8 plus major classrooms, with 3 different counseling offices, material and question research room and book distribution room.
When these features are combined to the subject wise bullet notes and test series, which are available both offline and online, they become the pivotal force behind the selection of our students. Here at PLA we encourage students to regularly write mains oriented answers in class tests as well as state specific tests.
Pahuja Law Academy constitutes a team of more than 10 teachers in delivering the Judicial Service Coaching. The benefit of having expert teachers for each subjects coupled with unique teaching methodology and individual attention is directly reflected in our results the majority of which is constituted by first time candidates who never appeared for any judicial service exam but the one in which they got SELECTED.
The Study material provided by PLA provides an exhaustive coverage of all subjects and also come with an extensive subject and state-wise test series for different stages in a Judicial Service Exam – Preliminary, Mains and also Interview Guidance Program along with Mock Series for Interview Round.
These colossal efforts made by PLA have helped in the achievement of numerous final results in the Judicial Service Examination within a short span of time.

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