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    B.A.LL.B. (Hons.) course is of five year’s duration with a trimester system. There are three trimesters in a year and each trimester is of three month’s duration. In each trimester students are taught four core courses and at least two skill courses like Computer, English, Legal Writing, Accountancy, Research Methodology etc. In the final year in addition to the compulsory courses students have to choose from a number of optional courses.

    Trimester-I Trimester-II Trimester-III
    Sociology-I Sociology-II Political Science-I
    Economics-I Economics-II International Trade & Public Finance
    Law of Torts-I Law of Torts-II Constitutional Law-I
    Common Law in India Law of Contract-I Law of Contract-II
    English-I English-II English-III
    Computer-I Computer-II Computer-III
    Trimester-IV Trimester-V Trimester-VI
    Political Science-II Family Law-I Family Law-II
    Constitutional Law-II Constitutional Law-III Property Law-I
    Criminology Criminal Law-I(IPC) Criminal Law-II(IPC)
    Equity, Trust & Specific Relief History-I History-II
    Legal Writing-I Legal Writing-II Sociology of Law
    Legal Writing-III
    Trimester-VII Trimester-VIII Trimester-IX
    Civil Procedure -I Civil Procedure -II Criminal Law-III(Cr.PC)
    Human Rights Law Corporate Law Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
    Property Law-II Law of Evidence-I Law of Evidence-II
    Law Relating to Partnership International Trade Law Capital Markets and Securities
    Clinical Course-I Clinical Course-II Clinical Course-III
    Accountancy-I Accountancy-II
    Trimester – X Trimester – XI Trimester – XII
    Administrative Law-I Administrative Law – II Law Relating to Industrial Relations
    Interpretation of Statutes – I Interpretation of Statutes – II Laws of Patents and Trade Marks
    Criminal Law-IV(Cr.PC) Insurance Law Environmental Law
    Banking Law Jurisprudence- I Jurisprudence- II
    Consumer Protection Law & Policy Intellectual Property Laws Public International Law
    Trimester – XIII Trimester – XIV Trimester – XV
    Private International Law Professional Ethics Air & Space Law
    Social Security & Labour Welfare Laws Taxation Law International Criminal Law

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