Law, A Pre-eminent Choice |

Law, A Pre-eminent Choice

As selecting an optional subject is not that easy for the candidate & choosinga right optional subject for a candidate is a crucial step for the preparation of the UPSC civil services exam. A wrong decision will not only cost poor rank in the examinations but also leaves you in a situation of thinking about yourself about the regret.According to the new pattern that has been changed in 2013, now student only need to select just one optional subject instead of two.

Law is far above than any appropriate subject to choose as an optional paper.

“LAW – less popular, higher scoring; Go for it”

As studied, law is not far popular enough but the success rate in 2013 was 24.3% which was highest among other subjects as recorded. So, for those candidates who choose law will be beneficial to score good marks easily.


Law doesn’t depend on history of something it is totally a part of theoretical study. It hardly takes 4-5 months for a candidate to cover up the syllabus including GS paper-ll.


Choosing law as an optional subject is far better than to choose other subjects, because law deals with real time study, by this a student came to know about its effect on our country’s reality happenings and how law rely on people’s daily life routine. It’s not that much boring as its rumoured spread among students.


Law covers the major portion of essay and GS paper. According to the structure of general paper-ll, the questions asked in the examination are mostly rely upon social justice and constitution, which is a part of law. Though, choosing law can help you in getting higher marks as it almost covers the syllabus of GS.

November 24, 2016

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