Supreme Court Orders Ban on Liquor Shops or Sale of Liquor Within 500 Metres of Highway Roads |

Supreme Court Orders Ban on Liquor Shops or Sale of Liquor Within 500 Metres of Highway Roads

The Supreme Court on 15th December’ 16, Thursday banned States and Union Territories from granting licences for the sale of liquor along National and State highways across the country, noting that drunken driving was the main culprit behind a large number of road accidents in the country.

The Supreme Court, while banning liquor vends along the national and State highways, accused State governments of “speaking the language of liquor vendors.” It pointed out on an analysis of road accident data, 2015 reveals that around 1,374 accidents and 400 deaths take place every day on Indian roads, resulting in 57 accidents and loss of 17 lives on an average every hour.

The Government of India is now saying that we will direct all highway authorities to remove all sign boards. It should be absolutely free from any distraction or attractions. It should not be visible. Visibility is the first temptation. As, For the last 10 years, nothing has happened and that is why we have stepped in,” the Bench had observed.

Here are the directions issued by the three Judge bench headed by Chief Justice Thakur in State of Tamil Nadu Vs K.Balu;

  1. All states and union territories shall forthwith cease and desist from granting licences for the sale of liquor along national and state highways;
  2. The prohibition contained in (i) above shall extend to and include stretches of such highways which fall within the limits of a municipal corporation, city, town or local authority;
  3. The existing licences which have already been renewed prior to the date of this order shall continue until the term of the licence expires but no later than 1 April 2017;
  4. All signage’s and advertisements of the availability of liquor shall be prohibited and existing ones removed forthwith both on national and state highways;
  5. No shop for the sale of liquor shall be
    a) visible from a national or state highway;
    b) directly accessible from a national or state highway and
    c) situated within a distance of 500 metres of the outer edge of the national or state highway or of a service lane along the highway.
  6. All States and Union territories are mandated to strictly enforce the above directions. The Chief Secretaries and Directors General of Police shall within one month chalk out a plan for enforcement in consultation with the state revenue and home departments. Responsibility shall be assigned inter alia to District Collectors and Superintendents of Police and other competent authorities. Compliance shall be strictly monitored by calling for fortnightly reports on action taken.
  7. These directions issue under Article 142 of the Constitution.
December 22, 2016

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    Playa Del Rey — Marina Del Rey — Westchester — Playa Vista — West Los Angeles — Santa Monica.
    You probably have questions, please call us at 1-800-464-4000 (toll free)
    or go to the local Member Companies department in your area.
    College students are liable for medical costs incurred throughout an off campus pressing care
    or a hospital go to. Groupon has verified that the customer truly visited Playa Marina
    Walk-in Urgent Care Center. I’ve been seen by both doctor and nurse practitioner they’re both tremendous
    attentive and helpful. As soon as I bought in to see the doctor the lady serving to me on the market was
    superb. You could possibly get your prescriptions by mail order and supply to your door.

    Dr. Yu completed his residency coaching at Harbor-UCLA Medical Heart.
    When you can go to Executive Pressing Care on Wilshire, go there.
    Close by faculties include Westside Neighborhood School, Ocean Constitution Faculty and Goethe International Constitution Faculty.
    In case you are questioning the distinction between urgent care and emergency
    rooms or when you should visit an pressing care , or wish to read more pressing care FAQs , visit our Pressing Care 101 part.

    Marina Del Rey Hospital was owned by a partnership
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    Los Angeles Pediatric Cardiology workplace is in search of a bilingual
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    She has acquired distinctions together with Southern California Super Doctors and High Women Southern California Tremendous
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    metropolis of Montebello. Locations to see an costly skilled with
    messy handwriting. Basic well being exams and physicals for DMV, Pre-employment,
    school clearance, sports activities clearance, and immigration clearance exams.

    Major care doctors see people for test-ups, bodily exams, or routine
    bloodwork. Dr. Bajwa has been married to her medical school sweetheart for 13 years and collectively they have 2 youngsters,
    1 dog and a pair of turtles.

    Dr. Shoji established one of many first Emergency Residency Applications in the U.S.
    in 1976 and was its first Residency Director.
    So if you’re seeking to get out and in with a prescription in your hand
    inside 25 minutes, this is the place for you.
    He’s in-community for a number of insurance coverage carriers, including Anthem,
    Blue Cross/Blue Protect, and Coventry. Dr. Pham (or employees) is accustomed to
    Spanish, Vietnamese, and French. Your physician’s office is a superb place for scheduled care and examine-ups, and it is best to try them first
    during workplace hours in a non-life-threatening emergency.
    I might most likely have negotiated for more however I simply needed to neglect about it.

    He obtained his medical faculty training on the University of Connecticut
    College of Drugs and performed his residency at a hospital affiliated with the University of California,
    Los Angeles (UCLA). I plan to make use of this facility for my smaller problems any more and go to my Beverly Hills Physician for the larger problems, you recognize, like cardiac
    and cancer. Nurse used a extremely small needle and was
    in a position to make the method go shortly and painlessly.

    I work within the medical field and this crew of docs and nurses is as pleasant and skilled as it will get.
    LA Metropolis eleventh district councilmember representing Westchester, Playa
    del Rey, Playa Vista, Del Rey, Mar Vista, Venice, West LA,
    Brentwood, and Pacific Palisades.

    We discovered over 500 major care medical doctors near Playa
    Del Rey, CA. Dr. Tony Conti has practiced Major Care Medicine
    in addition to Urgent Take care of greater than 20 years within the
    state of Massachusetts. YP, the YP brand and all different YP marks contained herein are logos of YP LLC and/or YP affiliated firms.
    After working as an engineer at Kodak, his interest in biomedical engineering
    led him to medical faculty at USC. Or take advantage of a complete portfolio of expedited
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    She did her undergraduate work in Psychology at the College of
    Southern California and went on to medical faculty
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    I promote medical health insurance for a dwelling so i am very picky about whom i’m going see and this facility is a part of the Assurant/Aetna ASA PPO network.” in fifty one reviews.

    At Optum, we share what may be seen as a surprisingly simple purpose: making the well being system work higher for everyone.
    Our skilled workers works as a group to provide the best possible patient care whereas
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    administration programs. Cedars-Sinai stated it has bought the a hundred forty five-mattress hospital and its neighboring medical workplace constructing.
    Doctor Assistant (PA) /Household Nurse Practitioner
    (FNP) – Exciting Alaska!

    Their other benefits of minimally invasive surgical procedure include: Much less blood loss Less pre-operative pain Much less scarring Shorter
    hospital stay Most minimally invasive procedures are
    performed beneath native anesthesia or regional block with
    sedation. There are zero prime-rated family planning facilities in your area and 42
    to avoid. Other companies embrace scattering of ashes, Catalina Island excursions, whale watching, and open-celebration fishing trips.
    And ultimately needed to go away the room to find a employees member to get me my prescription so I may depart.
    Notice: Further costs may apply for companies or materials associated to your visit, together with lab assessments, drugs, vaccinations, provides
    & x-rays.

    Regardless of all the service was good general and I’d go
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    Science Heart at San Antonio, School of Medicine, the University of Texas Medical School
    at Houston, and the University of Pennsylvania College of Medication after which she performed her residency at Santa Monica-UCLA
    Medical Heart. Dr. Jung was also very nice and ran the appropriate exams to prescribe drugs for me.
    After I left, I started to get a little bit worse and attempted to name the physician to ask for advice.

    Cedars-Sinai Health System is shopping for the one hundred forty five-mattress Marina Del Rey Hospital.

    Dr. Ted Hak specializes in family medication and practices
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    It’s just one more method Marina Del Rey Hospital is serving the community.
    Residential and business cable service for the unincorporated area of Marina del
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    Residential and business electricity service for the unincorporated area of Marina del Rey.
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