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At PLA, We provide Specialised Training to our Students that help them excel at Judiciary & other Law Entrance Exams.

India’s Leading Online Judiciary Coaching Institute.

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The Pahuja Law Academy App for Judiciary and CLAT was released on both Google Play Store for Android and App Store for Apple IOS. We launched our App on 6th April, 2020 and have 5000+ downloads till today.

Why Choose Us?

Best Judiciary Coaching in India

Online Judiciary Classes

Learning does not stop at PLA. We provide online courses for aspirants for distance learning or working individuals.

Extensive Study Material

PLA provides books for all major subjects which are related to Judicial Services Exams of different states of India.

Online Test

PLA has developed India’s first online test series which includes 50000+ questions for different states. Test your skills.

Specialist Faculty

PLA believes in specialisation and that’s why we have faculties with years of practical experience in their respective fields.

Flexible Timings

PLA allows its students to attend more than one batches in order to prepare at their own pace for judiciary exams.

Leaders of Tomorrow

At PLA, we create more than just judiciary officials, we create leaders of tomorrow who will be responsible for important decisions.

Online Judiciary Coaching

Register for Online Judiciary Demo Class, We Conduct it on Every Wednesday & Sunday 11 AM.

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Pahuja Law Academy provides free Judiciary & CLAT coaching for free under “Jai Bhim Mukhyamantri Pratibha Vikas Yojna” by Department for the Welfare for the Welfare of SC/ST/OBC/EWS.

Under this scheme, SC/ST/OBC/EWS aspirants can apply for free education for various competitive entrance exams at PLA. Under this scheme, Government of NCT of Delhi collaborates with reputed coaching institutes for its implementation.

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Pahuja Law Academy is one of the most innovative online Judiciary coaching classes. We feel immensely proud to announce our online coaching for judicial services. The Pahuja Law Academy understands the need of the hour. Students are at their homes due to unavoidable reasons. Due to the ongoing circumstances, our students were not able to attend offline classroom programs for judicial services. Hence, we decided to take our judiciary classes online.

This led us to reach even more students who want to achieve their dreams of becoming a respected judiciary official. It also helped our existing students, now they can access our online judiciary coaching classes from their comfort and safe zone.

Our online coaching for judiciary has covered various areas for the betterment of learning of our judicial aspirants. We provide 8 recorded classes and 2 live sessions every week for real-time doubt clearance.

Students have access to watch recorded classes at their own convenience. We provide updated notes with online judiciary classes. It helps students in revision. They can use them to revise the classes later. We are also the pioneer of online test series in the judiciary coaching industry.

Through the competitive and advanced online test series, we have created a revolution in the industry. Students can also take these tests via android & iphone apps for judiciary coaching.

We make sure that our students learn from the best. That’s why we have hired highly qualified faculty and created the best study material with their help. Our online coaching for judiciary is interactive and our application interface is user friendly.

We have two programs available for online judiciary coaching to become a more accessible platform.

  1. 1. Complete Online Learning
  2. 2. Online+Offline learning program for judicial services

Students can attend our classroom program for 12 months. This also gives them access to online coaching programs.

About PLA Judiciary Coaching in Delhi

Pahuja Law Academy is among the leading institutes for judiciary coaching in Delhi. We encourage students to learn the importance of the Judiciary and the Judges in the country. Our teaching faculty of the judiciary coaching is among the most respected faculty of judiciary coaching.

At Pahuja Law Academy, we use innovative methods and techniques for teaching students to enhance their knowledge. Our aim is to provide overall development and give concept based lectures that help them perform better in the judiciary and other law entrance exams.

We have exclusive study material for students. This study material has been formed by extensive and deep research. We have kept the language simple and easy to understand. It helps the students learn better and gain the proper knowledge that will help them perform amazingly in the judiciary entrance exam.

We are aware of the competition in the field and we know how difficult it is to give an exam and stay motivated for the same. We help students with this dilemma. Our expert faculty of judiciary coaching consult and motivate them to set a goal and achieve it at any cost.

We also provide online test series and bullet notes to students. With the help of it, they can access the study material on their laptops or mobile phones anytime, anywhere. Pahuja Law Academy has taken a leap in our vision of paperless study. It will help in improving the interaction between a student and the faculty by providing smart tablets to study. This is the first time any coaching institute has done it.

“Be the master of your own destiny.” Choose your path and follow your dreams with Pahuja Law Academy and create a successful future. Plan your first step towards your goal with us and achieve your dream. “Give wings to your dreams with Pahuja Law Academy. We are one of the leading as well as top judiciary coaching in Delhi. We have guided thousands of students in achieving their dreams.

Pahuja Law Academy offers judiciary, CLAT, LLB, IAS Mains, LLB Subjects, APO/ APP (Hindi and English) preparatory courses to the young aspirants. With the changing trend and high competition in these competitive entrance exams, it has become tough for the students to keep themselves updated and prepared.

Here at PLA academy, students are trained and groomed in a way that they can pave their own way and could survive in tough competition as well. PLA academy pays equal attention to theoretical and practical aspects of these competitive entrance exams. We prepare students in every aspect to face all challenges of the tough competitive exams. Our expert faculty is laced with the latest communication tools and technologies that are required to excel at judiciary entrance exams.

Pahuja Law Academy is the best judiciary coaching in Delhi. In the last few years, we have built a brand dedicated to providing quality judiciary exam preparation and training to the students. We provide the most comprehensive judiciary coaching to the CLAT aspirant and to help them crack the respective entrance exams. Our core policy consists of putting students first i.e. interest of the students is our priority. We work for students and their welfare.

The team of successful experts from the same field ensures that students get personalized attention to overcome weaknesses. We help ourselves accountable for the success of our students. Our methods and techniques keep on evolving and improving along with the time. PLA is indeed the best coaching center for Judiciary and other law entrance exams.

In the field of Judiciary CLAT, LLB, IAS Mains, LLB Subjects, APO/APP education, Pahuja Law Academy boasts of being one of the best judiciary institutions in India. We provide a platform to students to make a respectable career in the field of judiciary. Self-awareness is something that we teach our students. Everyone is not the same in terms of appearance, mental abilities, zeal towards success. We understand that. Hence, we have created an environment that focuses on improving individuals. We believe in bringing self-awareness to our students only then can truly know the correct path to career and future success.

Best Judiciary Coaching in Delhi

Some are old, some are new, some are well renowned and some are struggling to be ahead in the chase of the establishment. Choosing the best one among them all is such a difficult task to do for a Judicial Services aspirant. Most of the institutes are still stuck to the old traditional methods of judicial services coaching. Here, Pahuja Law Academy (PLA) comes up with something new and useful. It is the only Institute for judiciary coaching in Delhi. It is using the best of teaching methods and mixing it up with technology to help students achieve their targets.

The only motto of Pahuja Law Academy - Judiciary Coaching in Delhi is to ensure that the aspirant gets the result. We focus more on the process of learning so that aspirants can fulfill their dreams. In order to Achieve we have taken the following measures :-

1. Specialised Teachers for Judiciary Coaching

We believe that a single teacher can’t teach all the subjects of the judiciary. Each subject is so vast and diverse that it would take a superhuman to learn all those subjects. That is why we have the most experienced and qualified faculty members for each and every subject. This is the reason why our students get valuable exposure to different subjects by the respective teachers.

2. Comprehensive Material for Judiciary Coaching

We have the most comprehensive study pattern made by experts that ensures the success of students and our top-notch result rate approves this statement.

3. Bullet Notes on Judiciary

We provide the ‘Bullet Notes’ to all of our students online judiciary coaching as well as offline ones. It helps them learn easily and quick tit-bits which are important for judiciary and other law exams.

4. Online Test Series

One of the most special features of Pahuja Law Academy is the online test series for Judiciary. We are also the pioneers of it in India. This is an initiative by PLA towards digitalization. The online test series helps judicial services aspirants to compete on the all India level and achieve the rank. This exercise helps students to evaluate and introspect themselves in real-time. We are the first Judiciary Coaching Institute in India to start this online judiciary test series for the betterment of students. Everyone can access this online test on our portal. This initiative makes us the best coaching for Judiciary in India in terms of every aspect. We believe that quality education should be distributed to all students that is why we support our students in every possible manner.

We are the fastest growing Judicial Services Coaching centre in Delhi. We have achieved this milestone with the perfect blend of hard work of our faculty and students. Pahuja Law Academy provides offline and online judiciary coaching in Delhi. Come! Join us and experience the difference.