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Pahuja Law Academy (PLA) distinguishes itself by employing a sui generis methodology, signifying a truly unique approach in preparing candidates for a variety of Judicial Services Examinations conducted across different states. This distinctive approach involves providing candidates with a comprehensive and detailed understanding of legal concepts, catering to then nuanced requirements of Judicial Service Examinations spanning the entirety of India. The emphasis is on a thorough exploration of subject-specific nuances, ensuring candidates are well-equipped for the diverse legal landscapes encountered in the Judicial Service Examinations nationwide.

Pahuja Law Academy made a noteworthy entrance, challenging the established norms prevalent in Judicial Coaching circles. At PLA, there is a commitment to delivering exceptional coaching for all subjects, facilitated by dedicated instructors specializing in distinct areas of law. Recognizing the unique requirements of judiciary students, PLA takes a personalized approach by ensuring individual attention. This is achieved by maintaining smaller batch sizes, fostering a conducive environment for students and teachers to engage in meaningful interactions. This deliberate emphasis on a more intimate learning setting enhances the clarity of legal concepts, creating a dynamic and interactive educational experience.

PLA operates with the flexibility of running 9-10 concurrent batches, allowing students the freedom to switch batches as needed. The unique aspect lies in the adaptability for students to progress through the course at their own pace, promoting a personalized learning journey. The infrastructure at PLA is designed to accommodate multiple batches for judiciary classes, featuring over 8 major classrooms, each equipped for optimal learning experiences. Additionally, there are three dedicated counseling offices to provide personalized guidance, a designated room for material and question research, and a separate space for efficient book distribution. This comprehensive infrastructure underscores PLA's commitment to creating a conducive environment that caters to the diverse needs and preferences of its students.

We've strategically intertwined various elements to create a potent learning environment. Subject-wise bullet notes serve as concise guides, aiding in focused understanding. The dual-mode test series, offered both offline and online, ensures accessibility and flexibility for our diverse student base. What sets us apart is our commitment to honing practical skills. Encouraging students to consistently write mains-oriented answers in class tests and state-specific assessments cultivates the ability to apply knowledge effectively. This integrated approach not only fosters a deep comprehension of subjects but also sharpens the crucial skill of articulating thoughts, ultimately positioning our students for success.

With a faculty exceeding 10 experienced teachers, Pahuja Law Academy excels in delivering Judicial Service Coaching. Our impressive results predominantly feature first-time candidates, indicating the effectiveness of our unique teaching methodology, individualized attention, and subject-specific expert instructors. Many of our successful students had never attempted any judicial service exam before the one in which they secured their selection.

The study material at Pahuja Law Academy ensures a thorough understanding of all subjects, accompanied by extensive subject and state-wise test series for different stages in a Judicial Service Exam-Preliminary, Mains, and an Interview Guidance Program. Furthermore, we provide a Mock Series specifically crafted for the Interview Round, offering a comprehensive preparation approach.

PLA's substantial efforts have quickly translated into numerous successful results in the Judicial Service Examination.

Best App for Judiciary Preparation

Pahuja Law Academy has made the best app for Judiciary Preparation to provide the best coaching for the judiciary online and offline. Our students can access the application on Android & iOS platforms. Our Online Initiative for Judiciary Coaching consists of various features.

Personalized Learning Experience

Live Classes

Recorded Lecture

One-on-One Mentoring

User-Friendly Interface

We provide 8 recorded lectures and 4 live doubt classes every week to ensure that our students get the best of the learning for the judiciary. We provide online bullet notes with every class so that students can recall the class content later on as well. Every student who enrolled with Pahuja Law Academy gets free registration and unlimited access to 2000+ Online Tests for Judicial Services Preparation. Our online Test for the judiciary, students can see instant results of the test and analyze their performance. This will help them to work on their shortcomings. Students can access Live & Recorded Lectures Multiple times as per their own convenience and schedule.

Our Judiciary Coaching Programs are as follows

  • Online Coaching Program For Judiciary Coaching in English & Hindi Medium
  • Online + Offline Coaching Program For Judiciary Coaching in English & Hindi Medium (Students will have access to online education and once the lockdown is over and classroom programs begin, they can attend the entire offline/classroom program for 12 Months.


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