This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signifies a dynamic alliance between O.P. Jindal Global University (JGU) and Pahuja Law Academy (PLA), embodying a commitment to excellence in education. Rooted in a shared understanding of common objectives, this collaboration aims to redefine the educational landscape.

The MOU meticulously establishes a comprehensive framework for coaching, training, and counseling services. Designating PLA as the 'Coaching Partner,' the agreement is tailored to empower JGU students with specialized career awareness sessions and coaching classes. This strategic alliance goes beyond conventional academic support, placing a strong emphasis on preparing students for competitive examinations and law entrance exams.

All training programs envisaged under this agreement will unfold within the vibrant academic precincts of JGU, fostering an immersive and enriching educational experience. The MOU, accompanied by detailed annexures, serves as a blueprint for a profound and symbiotic relationship between the institutions.

This collaborative venture is poised not only to elevate academic standards but also to nurture a holistic environment conducive to personal and professional growth. Through this MOU, JGU and PLA affirm their collective commitment to advancing higher education and creating a transformative impact on the educational journey of students.

On Campus Coaching

This exhaustive Judicial Services Exam preparation course spans a duration of 22-month duration (every Saturday & Sunday at 10:00-3:00 p.m.) meticulously designed to cover both Prelims and Mains aspects. The program incorporates offline classes, followed by thorough doubt sessions led by experienced mentors, ensuring a dynamic and interactive learning environment. The syllabus is all-encompassing, delving into Law subjects, GK/GS, Hindi & English Language, with a strong emphasis on fostering conceptual clarity and refining writing skills.

Students can expect a multifaceted approach that not only addresses theoretical knowledge but also hones the ability to connect it with empirical and current developments, aligning with the expectations of both Prelims and Mains Exams. The reading materials are thoughtfully curated and provided in hard copy format, complemented by state-specific materials available in a digital format.

Moreover, the course goes beyond the standard offerings by incorporating special state-specific modules for both Prelims and Mains, complete with dedicated test series and classes on local and minor laws. The flexibility of the course is enhanced through the availability of online live classes and recorded sessions, ensuring accessibility for students regardless of location, with options for tailored learning experiences.

To further enrich the learning journey, students gain access to current affairs magazines in a digital format, facilitating continuous awareness of relevant developments. The support extends to interview guidance programs, available until the point of selection, providing a holistic approach to exam preparation.

Classes are scheduled on weekends, allowing for on-campus participation in offline mode, with the added benefit of online projection for students away for valid reasons, subject to prior notice through the Department of Competitive Examinations (DoCE) at JGU.

Additionally, students have the option to participate in live online classes, offering a personalized and adaptive approach to learning, contingent upon JGU approval. This comprehensive structure ensures a robust and tailored preparation experience for aspiring candidates.

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Pahuja Law Academy


Enrolling in on-campus coaching with Pahuja Law Academy offers several merits:

Comprehensive Coverage

The academy provides an extensive 900-hour (22 months duration) program covering both Prelims and Mains aspects, ensuring a thorough understanding of the Judicial Services Exam syllabus.

Offline Classes and Doubt Sessions

The inclusion of offline classes and dedicated doubt sessions with experienced mentors facilitates real-time interaction, clarification of doubts, and a personalized learning experience.


Students benefit from mentorship by experienced faculty members, enhancing their understanding of complex legal concepts and improving writing skills crucial for the exams.

Conceptual Clarity

Pahuja Law Academy places a strong emphasis on conceptual clarity, ensuring that students not only memorize information but also understand the underlying principles, which is crucial for success in competitive exams.


The provision of state-specific material in both hard and soft copy formats caters to the diverse needs of students appearing for exams in various states.

Flexibility through Online Classes

The academy recognizes the importance of flexibility and offers online classes, allowing students to participate remotely, ensuring a tailored learning experience.


The inclusion of special state-specific courses, test series, and local law classes adds value by addressing nuances specific to individual states, preparing candidates comprehensively.

Access to

Students have access to reading materials, current affairs magazines in soft copy, and interview guidance programs until selection, providing a wealth of resources to aid preparation.

Interactive Learning Environment

On-campus coaching creates an interactive learning environment, fostering peer-to-peer interactions, group discussions, and collaborative learning, which can enhance overall understanding.

Time and Cost Efficiency

Enrolling in on-campus coaching at Pahuja Law Academy offers the advantage of saving both time and money. With a physical presence on campus, students need to travel less, minimizing commute time and associated expenses. This time and cost efficiency contribute to a more streamlined and focused study routine, allowing candidates to allocate more time to preparation without the burden of extensive travel.

Approval by JGU

The academy's association with JGU and the approval for online participation by the Department of Competitive Examinations (DoCE) adds credibility and ensures adherence to high-quality standards.

What JGU Student's Say About PLA

Shubhit Malhotra

Jindal Global Law School(JGU)

PLA is helping me in understanding all the key aspects of law and I am able to go through each and every concept which is important for the examination point of view, teaching faculty in the institute is really cooperative and they solve my queries in an efficient manner, the tests Mains and Pre tests are conducted on a weekly regular basis, which help us in getting in touch with the exam pattern,I feel really satisfied with experience after joining the Institute.

Vansh Pandey

PLA BATCH - Online 2023 (Ongoing)

My experience with PLA has been highly positive thus far. I appreciate the structured form of teaching, which includes features such as the app and the availability of lecture recordings, both of which are crucial in the contemporary educational landscape. The faculty members are experienced and possess a comprehensive understanding of the exam-cracking methodology. Furthermore, the student-friendly environment enhances the overall learning experience.


PLA ( 2023 Batch)
( Jindal Global Law school, 2022 batch, second year LL.B program)

PLA is worth the money. I don’t know about other coaching institutes but I would like to talk about PLA indeed. PLA gives you platform to your preparation journey easy and interesting. PLA did provide me study materials which is itself written by distinguished judges and senior Advocates. Their notes is indeed I would say marvellous one, I used to give my college semester exam through that notes too where i excel, and I can definitely say that they provide a quality education unlike other institutions which only provide a quantity education. Faculties are very experienced. They themselves have gone through judicial examinations be it Judiciary exam, APO, JLO. They make you understand very clearly and if you ask them doubts they will clear it more than 10 times. They don’t proceed to the next topic until and unless topic is not crystal clear to you. If you are looking for good advice and guidance for your judiciary preparation then this is the place to eye on. I can absolutely say that you will succeed and reach your destination with good faculties and hard-work at PLA. I am also a current student at PLA and I can absolutely say that destination is not far for me.

Go ahead if you want good for your future. PLA is worth the money!


Dhriti Mehra

Online weekend batch (PLA)

I have been part of pla for around a year now. The teaching as well as material provided is of quite a good quality. One gets to make quite nice notes for Mains.