Director's Message

Dear Students,

Pahuja Law Academy, founded in 2016, has experienced remarkable growth, producing numerous judges in various Indian states. This success can be attributed to the dedicated and sincere approach adopted by Team PLA, including the management, faculty members, and non-teaching staff.

If you've recently joined or are planning to enroll in our academy for judicial preparations, it's our foremost duty to apprise you of the upcoming tasks that require sincere efforts from both sides to guide you toward the position of a Judge. Pahuja Law Academy is committed to offering the finest faculty members specializing in diverse subjects for Judicial Service in India. Our emphasis lies in ensuring a thorough understanding of intricate legal concepts for the holistic development of each student, considering you as our valued asset.

The Academy equips Judicial Aspirants and law entrance exam candidates with an extensive array of study materials, including Bullet Notes for all subjects, key law books, compilations of landmark and recent case laws, State Wise Bifurcation, and a monthly current affairs magazine. Armed with these resources, candidates are well-prepared to excel in any judicial service exam throughout the country.

Upon enrolment with PLA, you can enjoy numerous post-course facilities even after completing your program. Following the conclusion of your course duration, you have the option to access test series for both prelims and mains, as well as participate in the full Interview Guidance Program, which includes multiple interview sessions.

The Academy is dedicated to providing outstanding study techniques and practical application of knowledge in classes. Our goal is to establish a world-class mechanism for the dissemination of professional legal education in India, aiming for high standards in judicial coaching and fostering an awe-inspiring learning environment for our students.

Wishing you a smooth and successful journey as you venture into uncharted horizons on the path to being selected in "Judicial Services."

Kapil Pahuja