Testimonials & Review

Utkarsh Kumar Singh

I am Utkarsh Kr. Singh and I joined Pahuja Law Academy in Jan, 2022. I have been selected for Administrative Officer (Scale I) in New Indian Assurance and United India Insurance both, also I have cracked UGC Net in Law (Dec., 2023). I have been a regular classroom student and since then I am being guided by the learned teachers of the Academy. I give complete credit to PLA for my achievements and would specially like to thank Ankita Mam, Vijay Sinha Sir, Anurag Sir and Priyanka Mam.


Rahul Agarwal
Bihar APO, 2023

मैंने 2019 में PLA के Foundation Course को join किया था| PLA ने मेरी तैयारी में मुझे काफी सपोर्ट किया| PLA का study material तैयारी में काफी मदद करता है| IGP के दौरान भी PLA से मुझे अच्छा सपोर्ट मिला| PLA ने मेरा मनोबल बढाया, जिससे मैं Bihar APO को clear करने में सफल रहा|

Reetika Anand
Bihar APO, 2023

Joining PLA was good decisions. Teachers were very supportive. They are very co-operative. Whenever we have any doubts regarding subject issues. They are available at any time.

Jagriti Kumari
Bihar APO, 2023

PLA, has helped me a lot during my Bihar APO examination. It’s Question Booklet, Study Material helped me, it’s study material is very comprehensive and useful. PLA’s management professors helped me, they were very helpful and supportive. So, overall my experience with PLA was very good, and I am greatful to having part of this institution.

Shishir Pandey
Bihar APO, 2023

Dear PLA,
I am writing this with utmost gratitude and respect towards the Coaching and the faculty. I joined the foundation batch in 2019 and this has been the most trustful experience. The teachers and the PLA team were very supportive throughout this Journey, with the detailed lectures and notes which were timely provided to all the students.

I shall always be grateful towards the Coaching to help me prepare for this task and competition. I shall always owe my success to them.

I wish the Coaching all the good luck and best wishes!

Regards and Gratitude

Vipsa Sharma
Bihar APO, 2023

I joined PLA for coaching back in 2019- 2020, immediately after my graduation. My first contract was with Vijay sir, followed by Shweta Ma’am and I realized that they were both absolutely and irrevocably dedicated to their work. I learned almost everything about judicial exams from PLA.

Even during pandemic, the coaching centre tried to make a genuine effort that students stay in touch with studies. Over that years, they kept sending question papers and study materials to help us students.

I can proudly say that I am a part of PLA and that I have succeeded in my exam. Thank you PLA and the amazing faculty here!
Thank You

Shishir Pandey
Bihar APO, 2023

Hello everyone,

I am, Shishir Pandey, selected in Bihar APO, 2020 for the post of Assistant Prosecution Officer. I have acquired 123rd rank in the very examination.

I was the part of Bihar APO mains test series and mock interview. It was quite helpful in my Journey, the whole team of PLA was co-operative and helpful, till my last stage.
Thank You

Chandani Muskan
Bihar APO, 2023

Hello Everyone,

My name is Chandani Muskan. I have recently cleared Bihar APO, 2023, I joined PLA in August, 2019 in the foundation course. PLA has helped me a lot throughout my Journey in the preparation. They provided me notes, current affairs in every month which helps in my preparation. They always guided me, support me and always motivated me. They guided me how to start preparation, how to appear in Interview. Faculties were very supportive materials were good.

I would like to thank PLA for all the support and guidance.

Trivendra Singh
Bihar APO, 2023

I, Trivendra Singh, took mock interview classes as well as some extra classes for clarification of doubts and they (PLA) provided some guiding notes which were very very helpful in the original interview.

By their guidance, I received 14th rank in APO (Assistant Prosecution Officer) in the State of Bihar.

The teaching staff and other non-teaching staff are very cooperative.

Divyansh Pandey.
Bihar APO, 2023

The interview guidance programme provided by the institute is worth attending. They try to clear all the doubts and guide you in details.

Manish Garg
Delhi Public Prosecuter 2023

Thank you PLA for support and help with respect to the preparation of Interview thanks for pointing out the mistake and correcting them in such a way and for guiding me in right direction. Without your support and guidance, it would not be possible for me to crack the Interview of Delhi APP. Thank You

Harshana Kumari
Delhi Public Prosecuter 2023

Thank you Pahuja Law Academy for your kind support and guidance throughout my journey. I would like to thank to all the teachers apart from my hard work & owe my success to my family and to the Pahuja Law Academy. Thank You

Sandeep Kumar
Delhi Public Prosecuter 2023

I have been selected for the post of Assistant Public Prosecutor in Delhi. I would like to say Thanks to PLA for everything what this Institute has done for me.

Uttrakhand APO 2023

Thank you PLA. PLA से मुझे काफी नॉलेज मिला, टीचर्स का काफी सहयोग रहा, टीचर्स ने मुझे Prelims, Mains, Interview तीनो स्तर पर सहयोग किया, और Finally मैं आज टीचर्स के सहयोग से A.P.O. उत्तराखण्ड में Select हुआ हूँ, Thanks Again PLA.

Bharat Lakhwani
Gujrat Judicial Services 2022

My Name is Bharat Lakhwani, I have been selected in Gujarat Judicial services as a Civil Judge/JMFC with Rank – 3. I would like to thank Pahuja Law Academy for the guidance and support to achieve success. The academy has throughout my journey provided me a pathway to become a Judge just like google maps and subsequently I followed the path achieved success. My best wishes are with the academy. Yours faithfully, Bharat Lakhwani

Richa Bharadwaj
Bihar Judicial Services 2022

I am Richa Bhardwaj, student of 2019-2020 batch of PLA. I took the foundation course at PLA and it played a significant role in my selection. Teachers were extremely supportive in every aspect and the study material provided was of great help. I would like to suggest my juniors and future aspirants to go for Pahuja Law Academy. Most importantly the classes were very much interactive which helps in better understanding of the concept. I would really like to thank the whole team including the administrative staff and teacher for being so supportive.

Bihar Judicial Services 2022

I, SHIVPRIYA, was a student of PLA Foundation batch 2019. I am grateful to PLA foundation guidance in the preparation journey. The test series, material, notes, and mock interview sessions were very helpful in the preparation. As well I am also thankful to the faculties of PLA and the entire team for their guidance and support. Thank you for the guidance at every step of preparation.

Priyank Goyal
Haryana Judicial Service 2022

I want to extend my sincere thanks for the guidance provided in the Interview programme. It made my approach simple and effective.

Deepak Yadav.
Haryana Judicial Service 2022

I believe that guidance is the important factor for clearing any exam and PLA has provided me true guidance and support for clearing Haryana Judiciary. The guidance and study material from the teachers is exceptionally well. I thank PLA for encouraging me during my journey.

Seema Meena
Rajasthan Judicial Services 2022

To whomsoever it may concern. I Seema Meena recently selected as RJS (Raj Judiciary). I took Mock Interview from Pahuja Classes which were very beneficial in my mains preparation. I am very thankful to the faculties here for support & guidance. Thanks.

Anjali Verma

I am Anjali Kumar, 2018 June batch foundation course. My experience at PLA has been very good in terms of learning and motivation. The guidance provided here is very helpful as there are regular mock test and the faculties also take care of every doubts. Also, PLA has contributed a lot in my interview preparation because I relied on the study materials provided by them and it was very helpful.

Uma Kant Kumar
Bihar Judicial Services 2022

My name is Uma Kant Kumar, I second rank 232 in Bihar Judicial Service 2020. I am very thankful to PLA because due to guidance of PLA in preparation of my mock interview. PLA Conducted 6-7 mock interview, which was very helpful for me.

Anurag Verma
Bihar Judicial Services 2022

Pahuja Law Academy (PLA) has played an important role in my Bihar Judiciary exam preparation. Mock interview provided by them was suite commendable and panel members were very helpful in pointing out my weak area which helped to over one and I did well in interview staff qualities. I wish PLA all the best. Thank you

Bihar Judicial Services 2022

I Joined here for interview Session & it’s quite helpful. Academy, member, faculty member are very humble & kind. They encourage you & tell your what the thing kept in mind. I am highly thankful to the PLA Members.

Harshna Kumari
Delhi Public Prosecuter 2023

Thank You Pahuja Law Academy for felicitating me I am Harhsna Kumari secured 18 Rank in UPSC CBI APP 2021. The Guidance given by Pahuja Law Academy helped me a lot in my journey of preparation. The faculty of the academy is very good and they guided me in very well. The Mock Interview they conducted really helped me a lot. Thank You so much again for your kind guidance.

अरविंद कुमार जुरावत
Delhi Public Prosecuter 2023

मैं अरविंद कुमार जुरावत, यहां PLA के कोचींग से साक्षात्कार की तैयारी के लिए आया था। यहाँ के स्टॉफ एवं संस्था प्रबंधक ने मुझे अपना समय दिया एवं समय – समय पर दिशा-निर्देश दिया, जिसकी वजह से C.B.I. में सहायक लोक अभियोजक के पद पर चमन हुआ। मैं आप PLA के संस्था प्रधान एवं स्टॉफ का आभार व्यक्त करता हूँ।

Ravi Verma
UPSC Public Prosecutor CBI 2022

My name is Ravi Verma and I have been selected CBI Assistant Public Prosecutor. I am very Thank to Pahuja Law Academy for congratulating me on my selection. Pahuja Law Academy provided me with effective interview guidance and that endured my selection in UPSC CBI APP. I am very fortunate that I got in touch with Pahuja Law Academy during my interview preparation. My experience in Pahuja Law Academy has been very wonderful. Thank You Pahuja Law Academy for conducting an effective mock Interview.

Deepti Chauhan
Madhya Pradesh Judicial Services 2022

My experience at Pahuja Law Academy was truly amazing. The teachers are over hare have a though knowledge with full concepted clarity. The notes provided by the academy there very much beneficial for me. The mock interviews, current affair notes and mains answer writing techniques very were very helpful for me. I am very much thankful to Pahuja Law Academy for paving my way to success. I would recommend all the students to join this institute.

Komal Rao
Haryana Judicial Service 2022

I, Komal Rao get selected as Madhya Pradesh Civil Judge Junior Division with rank 70 in my first attempt. I took interview guidance programme from Pahuja Law Academy that is one of the best judicial coaching academy in North India. I was guided by retired hon’ble Judges and was given valuable opinion and remarks by the faculty teachers. The environment in the interview room was very much similar to the mock interview in the academy. It was very fruitful and was of immense help for me at my final stage of selection. The staff was very cooperative and polite and handled well the situation of annuity. I, healthy thank the whole Pahuja Law Academy staff for the immense help and guidance provided by them.

Richika Tyagi
Delhi Judicial Service 2020
Sir/ Madam,

I would like to extend my gratitude to PLA for helping me through test series. I solved mains question papers which helped me a lot.

Salim Hooda

I, Salim Hooda, attended coaching classes at PAHUJA LAW ACADEMY in session 2018- 19 Environment and battern followed at law academy is immensely helpful and has contributed a lot in my section as ADA, Haryana.


PAHUJA LAW ACADEMY, Best Judiciary coaching centre in Delhi (Mukherji Nagar) I am Bhupendra Yadav, student of PLA and I have cleared Haryana ADA in 2019. For preparing for the exams I joined PLA’s test series. The teachers here are highly qualified and have a good hold on the subject. They always clear all the doubts of every student. Here the classes are interactive and teachers are always available to clear all doubts or explain any provision. The study materials and classroom notes provided in PLA is more than enough for clearing any exam. The management in PLA is also very helpful and supportive and they understand our problems and arrange our classes accordingly. I am lucky that I joined PLA and got the guidance from such esteemed teachers who helped me to achieve my goals.

Rishi Rathi
CLAT LL.M. Entrance 2019

Thank Pahuja Law Academy for helping and guiding me as a result of which I am able to secure an All India Rank 450 in CLAT-LLM, 2019. The faculties and competitive learning environment at PLA is commendable.I am thankful to the faculties and co-operative management.

UP Judicial Services 2018

I owe my success to Pahuja Law Academy. They have helped me incuriously, specially their interview guidance programme. I also found them very cordial and supportive.

Thank you PLA
Tanvi Bharti
CLAT LL.M. Entrance 2019

I secured AIR- 510 in CLAT 2019 for PG course and got a seat in NLU- Jodhpur. I would like to thank and appreciate Pahuja Law Academy to fill me in with the best material of the law course with equally good faculty.

DU LL.B. Entrance 2019

I have been a crash course student at Pahuja Law Academy for a month. I am very thankful to the institute and all my faculty members for their guidance and support. The study material provided was very helpful. The faculty members were always available for doubts after the classes also. The classes were very interesting and highly motivating. It is a great experience.

Anirudh Tyagi
CLAT LL.B. Entrance 2019

There was a proper guidance from all the teachers there in PLA. The main aim was to orcheant the target in a elegant manner. It was accompanied by a diet of hard works and focus. Material was superb and helped achieving this goal. I like to thank all the faculty these to make me achieve AIR- 451 in CLAT 2019.

Vishal Sharma
U.P judicial Service 2018

I am highly indebted to my teachers and all PLA family. Who has always provided, me the best possible resources- offline and online too. From preparation of Please fill the interview guidance programme. I found the coaching with for my judicial preparation.

Thank you, Pahuja Law Academy.
Soumyashree Mahapatra
Odisha judicial Service 2018

I heartily appreciate all the hard work the teachers and the entire PLA family did on me. The bullet notes, recent judgments, separate case laws on each subject and especially the interview sessions and the question answer booklet for the interview really helped a lot. The tests improved by memorizing skills. I am very grateful for all your efforts.

Thanks a lot, Pahuja Law Academy
U.P Judicial Service 2023
Dear Aspiring Judges,

I had joined Pahuja Law Academy for interview guidance programme of UPJS- 2018.What I can affirm with absolute determination in that PLA’s guidance was pivotal to my interview and I could perform to the best of my capabilities.Also I would like to make a special mention of the able guidance of Sandip sir as his precise and pointed analysis of my positives and negatives offer my Mock Interview Session was really helpful and encouraging.All in all it was a commendable efforts that fructified into great success.

Sayesha Chadha
Delhi Judicial Services 2023

Pahuja Law Academy is an academy offering the course for judicial services with both online and offline test series. I was very expressed with the facuety …. whom I personally interacted. They all are very supportive and always guiding the students to work hard.The instrument penal of the academy was extremely instrumental in my success. They gone valuable and constructive feedback.I wish the academy grows more in future by the relentless and retiring efforts of the staff and its teachers.

Thanks a lot, Pahuja Law Academy

Sonali Singh
Jharkand Judicial Services 2020

I extend my heartfelt gratitude and thankfulness to Pahuja Law Academy (PLA) for playing a crucial role in my journey.I completed my 5 year integrated law from GLC, Mumbai in 2018 and was a part of 1 year program at PLA.PLA helped me extensively in concept building. Understanding subjects holistically and also guided me well on mains answer writing. The regular test series of the institute further supported my preparation.I am also thankful in particular to the teachers at PLA and administration without whose guidance it wouldn’t have been possible.Last but not the least, blessings of my parents and encouragement of friends pushed me towards achieving this.

Thanks a lot, Pahuja Law Academy

Jharkand Judicial Services 2020

It was a great journey with (PLA) Pahuja Law Academy after passing my law graduation from Dhanbad Law College in the year 2015, I joined PLA in Batch June 2016 - April 2017. PLA not only helped me to achieve my dream but also kept me motivated throughout my journey.Not only faculty but the staff and administrative side was also very cordial and ready to help whenever asked for.Time to time test series helped me to boost my confidence for pre and mains. The material provided were enough for preparation as I hardly felt need to refer any other text book. And the interactive classes will provided not only to clear the doubts but the session help to prepare oneself for interview.At last I would like to thank PLA from the bottom of my heart for being a great support to accomplish my goal.

Prashant Kumar Verma
Jharkand Judicial Services 2020

I am Prashant Kumar Verma, I completed my graduation in law in the year 2017 and after that joined Pahuja Law Academy for the preparation of Judicial Services Examination.I would like to thank the entire team of Pahuja Law Academy for guiding and supporting me in this journey of becoming judge. I am grateful to each and everyone especially my teachers at PLA without whom, I could not have succeeded.

U.P Judicial Service 2023

मेरा नाम गौतम है, मैंने 2015 में विधि स्नातक आगरा विश्वविद्यालय से किया था | 2017 में पाहुजा लॉ अकादमी में एक वर्ष का फॉउंडेशन कोर्स किया | अकादमी के बुलेट नोट्स, ऑन लाइन और ऑफ लाइन टेस्ट सीरीज एवं स्टडी मैटेरियल ने मेरी बहुत सहायता की | इंटरव्यू गाइडेन्स प्रोग्राम (interview guidance programme) ने भी सहायता की थी | समस्त PLA स्टाफ एवं टीचर्स ने मेरा व्यक्तिगत रूप से सहायता की | तथा मैंने 2018 UP Judicial Service में सफलता पाई |

समस्त PLA परिवार को मेरी तरफ से बहुत- बहुत शुक्रिया |
Delhi Judicial Service 2023

At PLA, it’s not just about how commercially you can be treated once you have cleared examination. But it’s about how much the education being imparted an actually benefit the individual for all his/her aspect of judicial life.

The inputs provided to you throughout your coaching will be beneficial not just at one step i.e. Preliminary or Mains examination, but the same shall be useful at all stages of the examination.

Further, the level of focus on the detailing, especially during the interview stage is appreciative. The inputs help you to curate yourself and that the mistakes, if any do not happen when the real test happens.

Thank you to the Faculty and the Accommodating Administrative Staff.

I am grateful to the team
Delhi Judicial Service 2023

I am SHRADDHA SRIVASTAVA, D/o. Asheesh Srivastava and Babita Srivastava, I graduated from National Law University, Odisha, in 2021. I started my preparation after my graduation from July, 2021 and appeared for DJS prelims in 2022. My target state was always Delhi and always wanted to clear it in the first attempt, which I think was possible due to the constant support from my parents, friends, younger brother and cousins of secured an AIR of 48.

I would say that I found the interview stage to be particularly difficult as interviews have always made me nervous. For the same I opted for IGP course from PLA which happened to be a confidence booster and were of great help. I will always be thankful for the generous and kind comments and feedbacks which I received.

Further, the level of focus on the detailing, especially during the interview stage is appreciative. The inputs help you to curate yourself and that the mistakes, if any do not happen when the real test happens.

Thank you
Delhi Judicial Service 2023

I signed up for the IGP at PLA, which was immensely helpful. It enabled me to work on my short comings and he better prepared for the DJS interview.

I am grateful to the team
U.P Judicial Service 2023

My name is Akash, graduated from Symbiosis Law School, Pune, 2022 last year. I started preparation from my 10th semester. I took admission at PLA foundation course started on 7th Feb.’ 2022. The teachers here are very cooperative, they motivate all the students, especially Anurag Sir, Vijay Sir, Pallavi Mam, Jagriti Mam, and Priyanka Mam. These all covered the major law subjects. The key to success is Hard Work, rigorous revision and consistency.

U.P Judicial Service 2023

I joined the Interview Guidance Programme at PLA for UPPSC-J, 2022. The mentors here are very supportive and encouraging. The three panelists marked me on the basis of different parameters that helped me improve and perform better in my actual interview. The feedback of the panelists was constructive and they mentored me in the right direction. I sincerely implemented their suggestions. The panelists were highly knowledgeable and distinguished and they tested me on different aspects.

I am grateful to PLA for their guidance and support for my interview.
Thank you!
U.P Judicial Service 2023


This is Sanjana Rao, I cleared U.P. Judiciary with rank of 37. I joined PLA for IGP. This programme has really helped one a lot in more than one way. It helped me overcome my shortcomings by making me aware about it e.g. how to speak better, the modulation of pitch, how to do eye contact with all the members of board and of course the presentation. I am really grateful and thankful to PLA for the guidance it has provided me. I wish all the students, best in their future endeavours.