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Comprehensive Guide to Judiciary Exam Preparation - Best Judiciary Coaching in Delhi - PLA


Do you also want to be the judge? It is the right time? Yes, it is to get good guidance for the judiciary exam preparation from the Pahuja Law Academy. We provide you strategic guidance to ace this journey without any hurdles. The judiciary exam needs a comprehensive study of the judicial service. We prepare the students for all three stages – preliminary, mains, and interview. We organize free demo classes on Sunday and Wednesday in the offline or online way. Take a class and achieve your goal.

Some essential points that guide the aspirants in clearing the exam are discussed below:

Choose your State for the Exam

In India, every state has a court and most of the states conduct exams throughout every yearly. It depends upon the vacancy of the state Sometimes vacancy is already filled in the state. Choose your state wisely because it will ultimately become your overall goal. Aspirants can easily differentiate between the state which is easy or tough from the exam point of view. PLA provides state bifurcation for the syllabus analysis of which topic is asked in the past year and it helps the aspirants to find important parts of the syllabus.


The syllabus is the blueprint of the exam journey. It is very important to go thoroughly through the syllabus. It shows the pattern of the exam and which subject is added or changes can be found. The syllabus is wide and takes time to complete the journey. It is important to deeply analyze the syllabus so, the subjects can be differentiated for the exam.

Exam Pattern

A pattern of the exam is divided into three stages- preliminary, mains, and interview.

  • Preliminary is the first stage of the exam. It is a multiple choice-based questions exam.
  • Mains (written exam) is the second stage of the exam. But the most important one as it is the answer writing exam.
  • The interview is the last stage of the exam. It is the personality test that gives you the entire experience of becoming the judge.


  • Bare Acts are the lifeline of the law. Or we can say the holy bible for law students. Every section, order, and article is determined by the concept of the law.
  • Landmark Judgments are the supremacy of the law. Those judgments overruled many cases for the development of the justice system and gave a new dimension to the field of law.
  • Recent case laws are always up to date and on your tips when you are preparing for the exam.
  • Current affairs are now necessary all the states except few It includes Science, politics, history, national and international news.
  • PLA provides exhaustive study material including bullet notes, a test booklet with 2500-3000 preliminary questions, and 1000 questions for the mains. subject books for in-depth knowledge, case laws with landmark judgements, and monthly current affairs magazines.

Create a study plan

The judiciary exam calls for dedication and patience from the side of judicial aspirants. A study plan is needed for this exam. It can easily manage your time management skills and show your strengths and weaknesses in the subjects. We at PLA provides the foundation courses, crash courses, and recorded classes for the judiciary exam. This makes the aspirants study plan efficient.

Mock test or Previous Year Questions (PYQs)

Mock tests can simply show your progress. It is related to the conceptual clarity. Solving previous year papers gives you an idea of how a certain question is asked in the exam and how much you attempt in the exam. PLA provides a test series and takes tests every Monday and it helps the aspirants to know about their performance. The online test series is the best feature of the institute because it provides 10,000 questions for practice on their exclusive PLA app. It can be easily accessible on the laptop and phones.

Answer Writing Practice

In this exam, your writing skill plays a vital role in achieving this stage. Answer writing practice is made easy by joining judiciary coaching online. PLA provides hybrid (online and offline) mode classes. They can give you better feedback on your performance.


The civil judge interview process is intended to evaluate your personality, strengths, weaknesses, and professional objectives. The interviewer will inquire about your law school history, communication skills, analytical skills, and court experience. PLA organizes free mock interviews that groom your skills and make you the best candidate for the interview.