How will you understand the law it is the most important question get arised into the mind of aspirant? So, it is important part to understand first, case laws and precedents and how actually law work in the society. One dimension changes the whole level of the point. It is similar to apply the law which plays vital role by the case laws.

If an aspirant wants to know about the law they have first go through the law precedents and understanding the value of every case law which initiate the new ideas for the society. We provide the compilation of case laws which includes the landmark judgements also, so aspirant can stay in touch with the case laws as well.

We at PLA provide the hybrid mode (online/offline) classes which make the preparation easy for the aspirants of civil judge exam preparation which takes time to cover the syllabus.

In this article we will put some light on the role of case laws and precedents in judiciary exam preparation:

Legal knowledge

Many law scholars and different thinkers had given the different perspective about the law. Legal knowledge can take by the books and different judgements but for the understanding of the law completely. We can look the legal precedents which actually give the insight about the law that can be followed by the jurisprudence.

Understanding the legal principles

When we study the case laws and precedent then we understand that how legal principles is applied in the case laws? They ensure that justice is upheld and guarantee fairness in judicial decisions.

Interpretation of statues

When we study the law we find different parts about the law, it happens because we find different meaning of the simplest words used in the law. Interpretation of statues is the meaning of the law which is used in the how one statue is interprets in the different situations.

Understanding the legal precedent

Precedent is the source of the law. A precedent is a principle or a rule that was declared in a previous legal case. It is binding on the courts or tribunal when the similar case with similar facts arises.

Apex Court is the supreme authority in the law. Article 141 of the Constitution states that “the law declared by the Supreme Court shall be binding on all Courts within the territory of India”. Legal precedent is used in the cases because of the different reasons of it.

Stay updated with the law

Case laws helps to the aspirants to stay touch with the law and daily case laws give the new understanding about the changing the new dimensions in law. We provide the exhaustive study material included compilation of recent case laws. It is important to never neglect the case laws when civil judge preparation is going on because within a time many new amendments and repeals law can be seen easily in the daily manner.

Help in the preparation of Interview and Mains

Case law and legal precedent give the best benefit in the mains exam preparation because in the answer writing exam, law portion cannot be explained as strong point without citing the case laws whether they are landmark one or the latest one. We should add some case laws to make the answer more impactful in the answer sheet.

In the interview preparation most of the question is asked related to judgements parts and especially opinions on the judgments so, it will become important to connect with the case laws and precedents.


Civil judge preparation demands patience and good preparation for the clearing this exam journey. We focus on the stage wise preparation which makes the aspirant capable to stick in the process. Case laws are the integral part of the law which helps to understand the law. When we read the case laws and precedent then we understand the part of the judge how they give the point for the situation and what changes are required on that moment how one particular aspirant should aspire that skill for becoming the judicial officer in future.