“Keep silent today is the case study day”. When aspirants hear the word “case study”, they feel extremely freaked out because they do not know how to tackle this type of question. It is challenging for students to comprehend civil judge exam questions within the given time limit despite having access to various study materials. It should be important to first understand the pattern of the case study based on questions and find your strengths and weaknesses. We provide judiciary coaching in hybrid mode which doesn’t make the aspirant struggling in the preparation.

Here are some points related to the tackle case study questions in the easiest way: -

1. Read the case study thoroughly

The case study does not seem as hard as it is like. Whenever we find case study-related questions in the revision or the exam. First, try to adapt reading habits that make the aspirant consistent in reading and observing the case study properly. Most of the case study-related questions are asked in the mains exam and it is the answer writing exam that demands skills in the exam. If the aspirant is preparing for the civil judge exam, they need to keep patience and dedication in the journey of civil judge.

2. Time management

These types of questions take a high level of time and without time management it cannot be completed on time in the exam. Where it should be more concern in the exam during attempting this question. Different judiciary exam study materials help you to attempt many questions and make the aspirant aware of the accuracy of the performance. We organize weekly Monday tests so the concept can be revised and aspirants also understand time management skills in the attempt at the questions.

3. Find legal points

We provide bullet notes in online and offline classes and our specialty is bullet notes which help the aspirant prepare for the next lecture. These notes are simple and concise to understand the legal points. In the case study, it plays a vital role in finding legal points because it contains facts also so it should be understood that finding good legal points for understanding the question. In these notes, we especially mention the preliminary and mains question with allotted marks to practice these questions after the class it makes the aspirant more determined for the goal.

4. Highlight important information from the case study

When we read any chapter of the book, we always mark some lines in the book because of the important points and for the exam point of view. The case study is similar to a chapter of the book which gives you different points to highlight the important points to analyse the situation which is given in the question. Highlights always give you the green light to attempt this question because it will give you important legal points regarding dates, events, sections, and any other examples.

5. Analysis of your answer

Whenever attempting this question always understand what they asked in the question and then give your answer according to it because in the hurry we give some other points in the answer which reflect the irrelevant. After completing the answer analyse your answer. It should be important because sometimes we forget to point out necessary points in the answer. For the analysis of your answer, you can take help from our faculty especially when any aspirant is in the online class. They can check their copies from the offline faculty and it will help the aspirant to check their accuracy. This facility makes us the best hybrid coaching for civil judge exams.

6. Practice and Practice

Any kind of question that comes into the exam should be rigorously practiced because it will prepare the aspirant to attempt any kind of question in the exam. Where aspirants can practice so solution is right here, we provide the test booklet with 3000 mains questions and a special comprehensive test for mains and preliminary of different judicial exams. It is included in the crash course for a short span of period and it improves the skills and aspirants can easily attempt many questions for the exam. It gets very helpful for us to serve the student like this so they can ace their civil judge exams.