Are you ready for the preparation but without your security? Security is the material which protects the aspirant in the civil judge preparation. Aspirants always become curious about the judiciary exam notes where we should find and how to make the notes especially in the exam which can be read easily and understand as well. We provide exhaustive study material to the aspirants for their preparation so there will be no hurdle in the preparation.

In this article we will discuss about the most important study material and book which will help the judicial aspirant.

Top Law Books

Books are not just as the study material but it is the complete conceptual source for the preparation. Why we always said read books because it will give you some different knowledge about the many things. Right books for the preparation will make your burden less during the time of civil judge exam preparation.

In the below we give some suggestion for the books which will be fruitful in this exam journey:

Book Name Author
Code of Criminal procedure R.V. Kelkar
Code of civil procedure with Limitation act C.K. Takwani
Constitution M.P. Jain, J.N. Pandey
Indian Penal Code K.D. Gaur
Hindu Law Paras Diwan
Muslim Law Mulla
Transfer of Property Avtar Singh
Indian Contract Act R.K. Bangia, Avtar Singh
Indian Evidence Act Batuk Lal
Specific Relief Act Avtar Singh

Study Materials for Judiciary Exam

In the civil judge exam journey aspirant feel anxious because they don’t know completely about the study material which is helpful in the study. PLA Judiciary (online/offline) coaching know about the student point of view, what they exactly want from the teacher and what are their strategies to tackle this exam in the study time.

So many case laws, daily amendments, are you aware about the recent current affairs which give the new dimension in the society these are the question we always hear from the side of students. For the question we have one permanent solution for the student, who is willing for the show their dedication in this preparation; it is Pahuja Law Academy best judiciary coaching in Delhi.

In this part we give on the light of the important study material which is play important role in the preparation.

Bare Acts

  • 1. It is the source to understand the law.
  • 2. Bare act language is not easy for every aspirant to understand it is important to mark important lines and try to break that part for the better understanding the law.
  • 3. Bare acts are the non negotiable part in the preparation.
  • 4. Most of the law is codified (written) which is come into the judiciary exam.


  • 1. Notes can be comprehensive and bullet notes which can provide by us.
  • 2. Short and concise judiciary exam notes are the first preference for the aspirants.
  • 3. Notes can be easy if we practice questions together. In the bullet notes we provide 10 preliminary questions and 5 mains questions after the completion of the topic.
  • 4. It is important to prepare together for the mains and preliminary exam.


  • 1. It is important to never neglect the books because it will give complete knowledge about the topic.
  • 2. Law books are so heavy most of the aspirants said that about the law books but it is knowledge which is in the books.

Case Laws

  • 1. How can we understand the law only through the theoretical portion and from the bare act? Law can be understood by the case laws. Case laws which can easily change the interpretation of the law.
  • 2. We provide compilation of case laws and with landmark judgements that help in the mains answer writing and preliminary exam.
  • 3. It is important to always up to date with the case laws. Because recent case laws are majorly asked in the civil judge exam and that’s why we give latest case laws compilations too.

Current Affairs

  • 1. This exam is conducted in the 24 states of the India. It depends upon the vacancy of the state. Current affairs are asked in the (pre+interview) stage of the civil judge exam.
  • 2. Now all the state is includes current affairs in their syllabus. It is important to be well aware with the current affairs.
  • 3. We provide the monthly current affairs magazine which covers every part of the current events like legal news, state, international, important days, awards, conference and etc.

Mock tests

  • 1. Last but not the least. After all the preparation we need some practice and revision source for the gear up the journey in the good direction.
  • 2. Aspirant need the practice test so it is the mock test which is organised by us and we provide the test booklet for the practice too. We give the best feature for the preparation it can be easy through the online test series source which makes the best online coaching for judiciary.
  • 3. Weekly tests are organized in the foundation courses plus to check your performance. There can be surprise test as well.