Pahuja Law Academy is an award winning judiciary and law entrance coaching institute in New Delhi. It plays a vital role in preparing students for judicial services exam by providing coaching and guidance to the aspirants aiming to become Civil Judges or enter the Judicial Services. The academy is structured on the mainspring of competence, distinction and integrity. The academy’s focus extends beyond law entrance exams to include syllabi and training relevant to Judicial Services Examination at the state or national level. It also provides free online and offline demo classes to the spirants for Judicial and other Law Entrance Exams. It’s aim is to prepare the students for the written exams and also help in personality development, conceptual clarity and applied knowledge. The vision of the academy is to help the maximum number of aspirants to achieve their dream of becoming a Civil Judge.

Top five reasons why aspirants should choose Pahuja Law Academy for Civil Judge exam preparation.

  • Faculty: The academy has a team of 13+ experienced faculty members including legal professionals who will provide expert guidance and insights to students through the complexities of judicial examination preparation. Specialized faculties are assigned to each subjects who are expert in their own arena to facilitate quality learning. The smaller batch size allows teachers to give personalized attention to the students and enhances real time assessment resulting in interactive classes. The teacher knows each of the students personally and help them work on their strong and weak points while preparing for exams. Small batch size is one of the key feature of PLA.
  • Study Material: The academy provides a comprehensive study material including books, test booklets, practice papers, online/offline test series, case law compilation including landmark cases and recent judgments, bullet notes for all subjects including local laws to help students prepare effectively for judiciary. It also gives equal importance to other subjects like G.K/G.S, Language and Current Affairs Magazine which are circulated to the student’s every month. Providing bullet notes helps in accurate learning compared to dictations which is time consuming. This also facilitates the students to be prior prepared for the classes resulting in minimal time wastage. The test booklets cover questions for both Prelims and Mains making students aware of the possible questions and exam patterns. Every Monday subject wise tests are conducted which includes possible questions for Prelims and Mains, covering the topics which have already been taught in the class.
  • Mode of class: The academy conducts both online and offline classes to cater different learning preferences of the aspirants by providing daily live lectures and real time doubt clearing sessions. Availability of both online and offline classes offers flexibility to students allowing them to choose a mode of learning that aligns with their schedules. It has also launched its own app for convenient access to study materials and resources to deliver personalized learning experiences catering to individual student needs. The app itself contains a set of more than one lakh questions which helps in student’s assessment and progress tracking. The students are also allowed to attend more than one batch, facilitating faster learning.
  • Result and Reputation: Proven track record of the students have made the academy secure a positive result as the success stories from previous students who have undergone coaching at PLA serves as an evidence of the academy’s effectiveness in preparing candidates for judicial exam. Many of the students have secured top ranks in the Judicial Service Exams. The academy has produced massive results as more than 300 students have cleared Judiciary Exams in 2023.
  • Syllabus Bifurcation: The academy has a State wise bifurcated syllabus. This involves subject wise and topic wise bifurcation, which makes it easier for students to navigate and understand the criteria of any particular state Judicial Service Exam making them exam ready. The faculties also carry out an in-depth analysis of various competitive exam papers in different states to help students prepare better.

Determining the best coaching institution for preparation of judiciary rely on numerous components. Pahuja law academy is well known for its positive character because of its experienced faculty members, structured learning environment, exhaustive study materials, teaching methodology and proven result in the field of Judiciary.