The mere thought of this word ‘fear’ sends a shiver down the spine. For every judicial aspirant, prelims and mains exams fear starts with the announcement of the date and continue till the last day of result. Additionally, there is enormous pressure on you from family, institute or coaching centre and well-wishers. And you have extreme fear of consequences of the results, disappointing others’ expectations and so many other  exams related thoughts creep into your mind. It is natural for all aspirants. But you must maintain distance to all these things and keep work hard without wasting time to achieve your goal. Always remember this quote - “If you think then you definitely can.” Here, Pahuja Law Academy guides you on how to overcome your fear by giving some important topics.

How to overcome Judicial exam fear?

PLA always stay connected with its aspirants till the entire period of preparation. We understand the fear of judiciary exams in aspirants. So, we provide regular motivational sessions to keep calm and motivated. All the judicial aspirants can reduce unwanted stress and pressure and be a masticate with the given below following tips:

  • Feel confident and stay positive.
  • Make a timetable for desired judicial exam and follow it firmly.
  • Focus on Bare Acts and revise them multiple times.
  • While Judiciary have many complex topics. So, discuss all important sections with your friends and make flowcharts for easy remembrance.
  • Meditate daily to increase your concentration.
  • Reach at your exam centre 1 hour early.
  • Keep your mind calm and read the questions carefully before you begin to answer.
  • While answer writing in judiciary exam, always stick to time in answering every question.
  • While giving mains exam, allocate minimum 10 mins for revision before paper.

How to concentrate on study to do better in Judiciary Examination:

  • Have a planned framework and make a schedule to cover all the topics as per the judiciary syllabus
  • 10-12 hours of dedicated study (in 3 -4 hours slot) is required
  • Focus on English and Hindi Language papers maximum
  • Focus on major Acts like CPC, CrPC, IPC, Constitution, Evidence Act, Personal Laws, Mercantile Laws, etc.
  • Make synopsis to cover complete judiciary syllabus in short period of time.
  • Prepare well for interview which is basically an assessment for a suitable judge to assesses your ability, confidence and commitment towards the position

Stay positive:

As we know Judiciary exam need patience. So, it is suggested to the all the judicial aspirants to stay positive throughout the selection process. It is extremely important to know that you should keep reminding yourself that your judiciary exam preparation is up to the mark and it is just an ‘examination’ before go to bed. Avoid overstretch a day before the judicial examination and sleep well to stay fresh during exam.

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