Let’s talk in Latin. From the starting journey to the end, we all get in loop of legal maxims. We can clearly say it is the spokesperson of the law or the Salmond in law fields. It helps to interpret the statutes and precedents. Here at PLA, we provide these maxims during the class for the aspirants. They can learn these maxims from the beginning of the journey, so they can use them in their answer writing to ace the judiciary in the first go:-

Let’s have a look at a few maxims:-

1. Actionable per se – the very act is punishable, no proof of damage is required.

2. Actus curiae neminem gravabit - the act of the Court shall prejudice no one.

3. Actus non facit reum nisi mens sit rea– The act does not make one guilty unless there is a criminal intent.

4. Actus reus– A guilty deed or act.

5. Amicus curiae – A friend of the Court.

6. Audi Alterem Partem - No man shall be condemned unheard.

7. Caveat emptor - Let the buyer beware.

8. Damnum sine injuria – Damage without legal injury.

9. De jure – In accordance with the law.

10. Doli incapax - Incapable of crime.

11. Ejusdem generis- of the same kind

12. Habeas corpus – you may have the body.

13. Ipso facto - By that very fact.

14. Jus cogens- compelling law

15. Jus naturale – Natural law.

16. Lex dabit remedium - The law will always give a remedy.

17. Lis pendens- pending suit

18. Mala fide - In bad faith.

19. Mala prohibita – crimes prohibited

20. Mens rea - Guilty state of mind.