Let's revise GK once again. The Cabinet declared which day as ‘National Space Day’ in India. So, this type of question is asked in the exam. It is the preparation journey for the civil judge exam. Some of the state judiciary covers G.K. and current affairs in the judicial exam. It becomes important to give the same concern to the current affairs portion also. We provide hybrid mode classes for law subjects and current affairs. It helps the aspirants to connect with the non-law subjects as well. Now most of the states target GK and current affairs with good weightage so it's important to give equal concentration on these subjects also.

We analyze some tips that contribute a good amount of learning in the aspirant journey.

• Practice questions

GK is a vast subject and aspirant cannot learn every topic on their tips. It became crucial to practice questions from the previous year paper or the mock test. We provide a test booklet for the practice that cannot be stopped in the preparation journey of civil judge exam. We provide special classes on the GK and current affairs in the courses.

• Morning habit is the Newspaper reading

Read the newspaper daily because it updates you about the surroundings. It means state, international news, and special editorials. Sometimes aspirants don’t know what part of the newspaper is important for the preparation. So, we provide classes on newspaper reading as well. This class is organized every Friday in an offline and online manner.

• Study material

When we study for the preparation, we need study material also for grabbing more knowledge in the journey. Aspirants can make their study material. We provide also exhaustive study material including for current affairs we provide a monthly magazine and for the GK subject, we give bullet notes for history, polity, geography, and many more subjects that are included in the syllabus.

• Special focus on daily updates

At this time everything is connected with the technology aspect so, it becomes easy to learn anything and know about any topic. Daily updates are related to the national and international news. News can be polity and historical perspectives. Most of the changes can be seen in the daily updates. So, stay updated with the daily updates.

• Never neglect the GK and current affairs

Most of the aspirants think we can do GK and current affairs one week before the exam. It is not a good idea especially when marks are contained in the exam, as it will have a bad impact on the performance. Current affairs and GK also ask in the interviews so, how can aspirants neglect this portion of their preparation journey. So, it becomes the most important to concrete on this.

• Last is the revision

If we read only then how can we learn all over the subject so, it’s crucial to revise the topic. Current affairs are never-ending events. Without revision, we cannot be consistent in the current affairs portion. Revision can be easy through the mock test that we provide to the students. Don’t forget every portion plays an equal part in the preparation of civil judge exam.