Are you a bit nervous when you enter into the room? It is the most common question feeling which every aspirant feels when an interview type of situation comes into their life. We Pahuja Law Academy prepare the aspirants for the stage-wise preparation of preliminary, mains, and interview. The interview is the last stage of the civil judge exam. After the qualifying mains exam interview preparation is started but aspirants find more difficulty in the preparation. So, we are here to strategize some points that make the interview preparation journey more realistic for the aspirants.

Grooming yourself

As we all said “first impression is the last impression” is the most meaningful sentence that describes your personality easily. In the interview, your skills matter but your personality makes you a more extraordinary candidate in front of the interviewer. Try to maintain your professionalism. Formal dress and polite words can make you more presentable in the interview. We are always concerned about the aspirants during the time of the interview we always suggest the aspirants groom yourself and make an impression last long in the interview.

Communication skills

Your communication skill defines your articulation of your speaking skill and how much you are confident and concise in your thoughts. In communication skills, three things play a vital role that is confidence, active listening, and clarity. We can easily groom ourselves but if you don’t know how to communicate with others then are you good at expressing yourself? It matters the most to improve your communication skills by connecting with the person and testing yourself.

Body language

Are you happy or nervous? I can sense it how can you sense it by your body language? We can see the body language in the different ways. It can be in the body posture which means how you can sit on the chair. Eye contact can be in body language it means your strong eye contact with the interviewer your honesty and confidence in the approach. If we cannot maintain eye contact with the interviewer then it will assume to be an under confident and dishonest personality. Last is the hand gesture it is the way to convey your story in the real form in front of others.

Apologize for not knowing any answer

In the interview, aspirants feel pressure to give all the answer which is asked by the interviewer. It is not compulsory to give all the answers if aspirants don’t know the answer so, they can apologize for not knowing any answer. It shows the honesty of the aspirant and feels him/her more relaxed in the interview. Any nervousness in the interview will impact your performance.

Improve your legal points

In the above points, we talked about the personality-improving hacks. In the judiciary exam law points are the most important play role in the interview. In this point what you study in the law and important landmark judgements and recent case laws. This point should be expressed in the analytical form to consider the better to convey to you points.

Current affairs on your tips

In a few states, current affairs become significant in the preparation journey. Always connect with the current affairs which we provide exhaustive study material including current affairs monthly magazine which can help the aspirant to learn and revise easily. Anything we can read but without practice and revision how can we master the subject? It has become important to practice the questions of current affairs through the mock test and test booklet that we provide in the study material.

Mock interviews

The mock interview is similar to a mock test. It gives you a real-time experience when you give the mock interviews and makes your preparation more efficient for future interviews. We organize the interview guidance program so the aspirants can get good guidance for the interview preparation. In this program, we are provided grooming sessions and enhance their CV for skill and experience. We organize free mock interviews and that interview is taken by experienced judges and panellists. Interview preparation is equally important as the other preparation like in the preparation journey.