Let's find out some judgments because it will become an important question in the exam. As we get to know all over lives are evolving around legal research. Especially when we are doing law and judicary aspirants read and read to ace their journey. Do you like writing and then writing something about the law? It will give you a huge level of stress. The law is wide and who will interpret the law? These are the questions that come around into the aspirants mind. We give you the shot in this preparation to lessen the burden of the aspirants by their answer writing practice questions to give the aspirants. For the judiciary preparation especially for the mains answer writing plays a vital role in the preparation.

Let's have a look to understand the role of legal research and writing skills in civil judge preparation.

Firstly, where legal research is exactly used in the law. Research is used for finding the case laws and any landmark judgments. We can study the law or we can understand every section, order, and rule of the bare act but without research of the case law. How will you present the practical side of the law? It is important to understand the sense of legal research to understand the depth of the law and how judges play an important role.

Secondly, legal research is taking too much time for the student even for the read some only held part of the judgments. In this case, they can get help and take classes from the Pahuja Law Academy. They provide landmark judgments and recent case laws up to date in the last two months in their study material facility. This study material is available in the online and offline both modes according to aspirants preferences. In the civil judge exam, every question is not only based on a section or article. It can be related to case laws and landmark judgments are asked in the exam. Those judgements overruled many cases in the past.

Thirdly, Writing is not about sharing your thoughts in the exam. Writing skills for the mains exam demand structure, time management, and articulation of your presentation. It is important to never neglect the practice answer for the mains paper. Writing skills for the civil judge exam is not a joke to elaborate your answer in 5 mark questions within such few minutes. It claims rigorous practice of the answer writing to achieve that.

Fourthly, Aspirants find themselves in a dilemma situation. How to overcome that situation to write good answers in the mains journey. PLA provides hybrid mode (online and offline) classes for civil judge exam preparation. The study material includes questions for the preliminary and mains preparation at the end of the topic. Aspirants can practice these questions in the allotted marks.

Fifthly, these are both of the elements to know about the law. By writing present the answer in simple language and add case laws to make the answer perfect. It should be important to follow the routine to make you consistent in the journey of preparation of civil judiciary.