Writing is not about the storytelling to the examiner but to convey your opinion of knowledge about the given question in a short and accurate. Judicial service is not only about knowing the law but also about choosing the appropriate words which can be in brief but let examiner know your strength on that particular question. It depends on how you apply your skills in the exam. The mains (written) exam is the second stage of the judiciary exam. But the most important stage is which demands a high level of intense practice. Answer writing practice can be easy through Pahuja Law Academy guidance as we know how vital role mains answer writing skills play in the selection process. Here are some tips that give an idea about the efficient answer writing discussed below:

1. Importance of mains

In the judiciary exam which stage of the exam carries the highest weightage marks in the exam? It is the mains exam that reflects your thought process and way of articulation in your answer. Pahuja Law Academy is the best judiciary coaching in Delhi. As we mainly focus on the main focus on the mains exams. In the study material that we provide to the student. we always mention the preliminary and mains question for the practice at the end of the topic.

2. Stick with the word limit

Examiners never focus on your long paragraphs and boring presentation of your answer. An answer within the word limit is always appreciable and considered concise. It is a difficult task but practice and concept clarity make it easy. PLA organizes weekly tests on Monday that help the aspirant learn to write the answer in the word limit with allotted marks.

3. Write in short paragraphs and points

Short sentences can also give a better understanding of the answer. It is not required to drag it very long. Try to write to the point format. It can easily be read and every point is noticeable from the examiner's side. Continuous practice in writing skills for mains in PLA boosts your confidence and makes you the master of short & crisp answers.

4. Essential in the answer

Aspirants need strong study material for good answer-writing skills. It can be easy for the aspirants because they can take coaching from the PLA. They provide the exhaustive study material. It includes bullet notes, a booklet test series, mock tests, a monthly current affairs magazine, and case laws. In the answer what should be essential is case laws, illustrations, and landmark judgments. Aspirants can add anything depending on the requirement of questions asked

5. Give structure to your answer

The introduction is the first part of the answer. It is the part which shows a little bit of knowledge about the topic. The introduction should be interactive not much show the depth. The main body is the depth of your answer and legal observation. It should show the legal provisions, case laws, and landmark judgments. The conclusion is the gist of your answer which you have given in the answer. It should be as a summary which shows the complete answer.

6. Revision

Revision is a must for any exam. It can help you to learn that topic and memorize it easily. For better results, aspirants can join the hybrid mode of judiciary coaching in PLA. we give online as well as offline guidance for preparation of mains, preliminary, and interview. As we provide a test booklet with 1000 questions for the mains exams. It can make the revision easy for the aspirants.

7. Endless Practice

Practice is an undeniable process. It is necessary to be consistent with the preparation because it will wash off your concept from the mind. Practice improves your time management skills and presentation of your answer. Online coaching from the PLA gives a significant benefit to the aspirant in the way that students can check their sheets from the offline class teacher.