If you wishing to be a Judge, then you have to know the duties, responsibilities, lifestyle, perquisites & allowances etc. of a judge. Additionally, a Judge of any court is conjectured to be honourable, impartial and of high stature. Here, Pahuja Law Academy gives you the complete knowledge about the ‘Life after becoming a judge in India’.

Duties & Responsibilities of a Judge

In India, a Judge is known as the 'Custodian of Constitution which is someone who's in a place of jurisdiction in courtroom proceedings and take the chair over the court trial and hearing in order to emerge with a decision and have to stay neutral to give a correct verdict. Often, it says that a Judge does all his work in the courtroom. Although, it is not true. Judges also take charge of certain responsibilities outside the courtroom. Their duty is to resolve the issue case decisions and opinions, research regulations & laws, take care of the work of other court staff such as law clerks, discuss cases and encourage settlement with lawyers, bring into being procedures and court rules. Attend marriage ceremonies to issue a marriage license/certificate.

Employment Opportunities for Judge:

The Indian Judicial System followed by the Constitution. In which job opportunities are provided to Judges in three tiers such as the Subordinate Judiciary, the State Judiciary and the Union Judiciary. If you wish to enroll in any of these positions then you must fulfil the required eligibility criteria and skills. By and large, after gaining a few years of experience, Judge is promoted from Subordinate Judiciary to State Judiciary and then to Union Judiciary.

Types of Roles as a Judge:

Lets’ have check out the various different job roles or profiles as a Judge:

  • 1. District Judge
  • 2. Sessions Judge
  • 3. Civil Judge
  • 4. High Court Judge
  • 5. Supreme Court Judge
  • 6. Author etc.

Salary of Judge:

Generally, the average salary of a Judge is around 1,325,000 per annum. The table below has given the average salary of a judge which might be changed and depending on the job profile.

The average salary of Judge (per annum)
Entry-Level Salary Mid-Level Salary Senior-Level Salary
Rs. 7,00,000 Rs. 10,00,000 Rs. 30,00,000

Here are some Top Recruiting Agencies for Judge:

All states and districts require Judges for Session courts, District courts and High courts. Further, the Supreme Court of India also provides a chance to professional, experienced and skilful judges. Here are some top recruiting agencies are mentioned underneath which offer the great opportunities to a judicial to aspirants.

  • Supreme Court of India
  • All states Public Service Commissions
  • Sashastra Seema Bal
  • Ministry of Law & Justice

Pros & cons of becoming a Judge:

On the one hand, the biggest edge of being a Judge is that you gain respect & honor and stature in the public eye. Judge gets a package of handsome salary and other advantages. On the other hand, the profile of Judge can be very stressful and that has to be precise with the observations and details. He/she has to keep unbiased.