The Judiciary Exam is conducted in a stern manner to evaluate and select candidate’s for Judicial Positions. It typically appraises a candidate’s knowledge of legal principles, case laws, and procedural aspects. Given the nature of competitiveness of the Judiciary exam, mock test plays a vital role in a candidate’s preparation.

A mock test is sketched to depict the actual test conditions and its environment to help the candidates practice and refine their skills. It serves as a diagnostic tool by helping the candidate with self-assessment and has a targeted approach towards improvement. Ultimately, the amalgamation of Judiciary exam preparation and mock tests is instrumental in amplifying a candidate’s readiness for the challenging legal examination process.

We at Pahuja Law Academy have introduced the concept of mock tests in our program structure which are conducted on Monday’s of every week to facilitate the following measures for effective preparation for Judiciary.

  • Mock tests papers depict the actual environment setting of the judiciary examination as it mimics the format and structure of the real examination including the no. of sections, types of questions and the overall organization of the test. These tests include a variety of questions that a candidate can expect in the actual examination of judiciary. This experience helps candidates to become familiar with the actual testing conditions.
  • Time constrains in mock tests mirror those of the actual judiciary exam, allowing the candidates to practice effective time management. This method teaches the candidates to allocate their time wisely among different sections and question which reduces the chances of running out of time during the actual exam.
  • It helps in revealing the area of weakness of the candidates and allows the candidates to analyze their performance, identify specific topics or questions with which the struggle with and helps in overcome their weakness prior to examination for effective execution of answers as per the requirements of judicial examination.
  • Engaging in mock tests regularly enables the candidates to assess their overall preparation for judiciary examination and helps in tracking progress, boosting confidence in areas of strength and addressing shortcomings through targeted study. Students at PLA are always guided by the faculties to overcome their shortcoming through doubt clearing sessions and regular feedback after every Mock Test.
  • Exposing the candidates to judiciary exam environment through mock tests helps in alleviating anxiety on the actual day of the examination because familiarity with the test structure and procedures before hand helps the student to have a relaxed and a confident mindset during the actual judiciary examination therefore we conduct regular tests on every Monday to make the aspirants exam ready.
  • It allows the candidates to experiment with different answering strategies and find the most effective approach. We at PLA provide the aspirants with 5 mains questions for answer writing and minimum 10 questions for prelims after every lecture so that the aspirants can learn effective framing of answers as it helps in developing and enhancing the mains answer writing skills.
  • Taking mock test servers as a form of revision as it helps in reinforcing the retention of legal concepts, case laws and procedural knowledge and for this we provide for bullet notes to the students to aid in quick revision. We also provide the students with test booklets for all the subjects and each test books covers more than 3000 prelims and more than 1000 mains questions. The students after solving them has to get it evaluated by the concerned faculty, doing this helps students get familiarize with the Judiciary exam pattern thoroughly.
  • With the acquired mock test scores candidates can compare their performance with their previous attempts, this helps them in setting benchmarks for their improvement. To facilitate the same, we have our Pahjua Law Academy app in which more than one lakh model questions have been uploaded for candidates to solve them. The app further provides insights on the candidates performance and helps them compare their performance with that of other candidates on a National level.

Mock test available on the online platform i.e Pahuja Law Academy app provides with instant feedback which enables the candidates to learn from their mistakes promptly. This real-time feedback contributes to an efficient learning process.

Unlike other judicial coaching institution Pahuja Law Academy has been the first to utilize the digital technologies in their curriculum for teaching the aspirants aiming for Civil Judiciary Exams.

In essence, mock tests are an essential part of judiciary exam preparation, as it offers a comprehensive approach to honing skills, managing time effectively, and ensures a confident and well-prepared performance on the actual day of the judiciary examination.