PLA is one of the most leading institute for Civil Judiciary coaching in Delhi. It provides coaching and guidance for aspirants aiming to become judge or enter the judicial services. The institution has a positive reputation with proven record of producing successful results. Success stories from previous students who have undergone coaching at PLA can serve as an evidence of the academy’s effectiveness in preparing candidates for exams. Apart from preparing the students for written exam emphasis is laid on personality development, conceptual clarity and applied knowledge.

The key feature of PLA is “small batch size”. The strength of the class is kept limited for the purpose of enhancing conducive learning environment unlike other institutions which has sufficiently larger batch sizes which creates imbalance. Small batch allows the faculties to provide personal attention to the students and helps in real time assessment. This way the teachers get to help the students overcome their weak points.

PLA does not make it mandatory for the Judiciary aspirants to attend offline classes. It has a hybrid class structure which involves online as well as offline mode of classes to cater different learning preferences of the aspirants and provides daily live lectures and real time doubt clearing sessions. The classes are conducted using technologically advanced digital boards and fine cameras are used to conduct live online classes as well as offline classes. Availability of both online and offline classes offers flexibility to students allowing them to choose a mode of learning that aligns with their schedules. The institution provides easy accessibility of notes as they are circulated to students timely. The students of both online and offline classes can also have access to the recorded lectures of the previous sessions as it is regularly uploaded on their app. They also allow their students to switch between batches in case of missed classes on reasonable grounds. The institute gives equal importance to students opting for online classes they are provided with equal support and guidance as that of offline students. Materials for studying are personally delivered to the students via courier at the institutions own cost.

The students are provided with exhaustive study materials which includes text books, test booklets, practice papers case laws etc. Apart from these the faculties also provide for bullet notes for each topics before starting the classes to prevent wastage of time in taking down dictations. This gives the students organized and concise information without redundancy making it easier for them to prioritize important details. Text booklets test booklets are also provided which cover questions for both Prelims and Mains making students aware of the possible questions and exam patterns. Subject wise tests for Prelims and Mains are conducted on every Monday covering the topics which have already been taught in the previous classes which are then thoroughly evaluated by the faculties. Errors made by the students are highlighted and simultaneously they are assisted by the faculties in fixing such errors. This helps students to focus on Mains simultaneously with prelims enhancing their answer writing skills and increase their speed of writing.

PLA was the first institute in India to conduct online test series in Judiciary to overcome the technological gap. Our institute has our own app known as Pahuja Law Academy app for judiciary which contains sets of more than one lakh test questions ready to be solved by our students which are evaluated by the faculties. This also helps the students keep track of their own progress.

The institute’s focus extends beyond exams to include syllabi and training relevant to Judicial Services Examination. Judiciary exam comes with 3 stages which includes Prelims, Mains and Interview. Apart from written exams we also provide for Interview guidance program which includes grooming sessions and multiple mock interviews with expert panels. This helps the students in developing their personality, have conceptual clarity and applied knowledge of what they have studied.

PLA gives equal importance to all the subjects beyond law. Apart form covering major and minor laws the course structure also includes local laws of more than 20 states, along with G.K/G.S and language which are equally important for judicial exams of all the states. We provide with comprehensive structure for Judicial preparations which includes 150+ hours of G.K/G.S, current affairs and also 100+ hours of language classes which involves thorough writing practices and translation focusing on Hindi and English language.

It also provides for state wise bifurcated syllabus which makes the aspirants ready for Judiciary exams. Subject wise bifurcation involves those questions which has been asked in that particular State’s Judicial Exam in a particular year, topic wise bifurcation includes questions that have been asked related to a topic of any subject throughout that Judicial exam. Bifurcation helps the students to direct their focus in any particular state judicial exam and prepare them accordingly.

At Pahuja Law Academy post course facilities are also provided to the students after the expiry of their course duration which is either 15 months in regular or 22 months in weekend batch. This post course facility is not provided by most of the coaching institutes. The students continue to receive test series for both prelims and mains exams and have doubt clearing sessions with the faculty members at free of cost after expiration of course duration. PLA stand with their students until they become a judge.

Pahuja Law Academy has been awarded as the India’s best Judiciary and Law Entrance coaching institute by Hon’ble Chief Minister of Delhi as well as by the Police Commissioner of Delhi for their proven results in short span.