Preparing for a judicial exam can be daunting, especially if you're a working professional with limited time. However, with courage, patience, and good time management skills, you can achieve your goal. At our coaching institute, we offer recorded and weekend classes to help you on your preparation journey and make the path easier for you. We have no language barriers, as we provide coaching in both English and Hindi, making us the best judiciary coaching in Delhi. Remember, your aim is not just a dream, but a goal you can achieve with our help.

We are here to give some tips and strategies that can easily followed by the aspirants:

• Planning is the seeding of the roots

Aspiring candidates preparing for the civil judiciary exam must create a study plan. Without proper planning, it can be difficult to strategize for the exam, which typically takes a long time to prepare for the preparation. Taking the time to plan is crucial, as rushing through this process could lead to poor decision-making when it comes to becoming a civil judge. Make your timetable as suits you because working professionals don’t have many hours to contribute to their studies.

• Multiple-choice questions are not the options

The Preliminary phase of the civil judiciary exam is the first step. This exam consists of multiple-choice questions, and it is important to practice answering as many of them as possible. Although it is considered to be the easiest exam in the preparation phase, passing it still requires knowledge. Therefore, it is recommended to focus on the bare acts and solve questions to make the preparation easier and concepts easier to revise.

• Try to be together (preliminary and mains)

Preliminary and mains exams should be prepared together because the mains exam will not give you six months for the preparation. Mains exam demands intense writing practice in a short time. So don’t try to do preliminary exam preparation in your first choice. Answer writing must be the daily task that you cannot skip in this journey.

• Answer writing is your skill

The judiciary exam consists of three stages – preliminary, mains, and interview. The mains exam requires answer writing practice and it is not done separately. It is important to start practicing answer writing from the beginning of your coaching with the PLA, as writing is a skill that needs to be developed over time. Improving your answer writing skills is crucial because the mains exam carries a high weightage in the exam.

• Current affairs and GK remind your surrounding

All states include current affairs and general knowledge in their exam syllabus except few. Staying updated with current affairs daily is crucial as it helps in revising the topic and solving questions with ease. We provide a monthly current affairs magazine, along with practice questions that help in the easy revision of the concepts. We provide bullet notes also for the GK subjects which help the student to understand the GK subjects.

• Set targets and achieve more

When working towards a goal, it's important to set targets that will allow for consistent progress. In regards to the topic you will cover today and future revisions, short targets should be set to avoid overwhelming oneself. Daily targets help ensure that the syllabus is covered, ultimately leading to the achievement of one's goal.

• Time management

Time management is a crucial skill that plays a vital role in achieving our goals in life. The frequently used phrase, "If you can't manage your time, you can’t manage your life," highlights the importance of time management in our daily lives. For individuals who have time constraints, such as working professionals, managing their time becomes even more critical. To aid their preparation, we offer weekend classes that serve as a perfect platform for utilizing their time in the right direction.

• Mock interview

The interview is the final stage of civil judiciary preparation. Many aspirants often feel confused about how to prepare for the interview. However, we offer free mock interviews conducted by experienced lawyers and judges, which can help them to test themselves. These mock interviews not only improve their personality and skills but also groom them for the actual interview.

• Revision is non-negotiable

Studying a subject is just the first step, to truly learn and gain the knowledge, revision is key. At Pahuja Law Academy, we provide an online test series that can be accessed through our exclusive app on your phone or laptop. Our test series consists of 10,000 practice questions, which help aspirants become consistent in their preparation. it makes the best online judiciary coaching. It is a good option for working professionals they can practice anywhere and make yourself exam ready.