If you were to ask any law student about their post-law goal, most would say becoming a judge. But is it easy to crack the exam? Smart work is essential to exam preparation, and every exam is competitive. Pahuja Law Academy offers coaching for civil judiciary as well as higher judiciary exams, including hybrid classes that can be taken online or offline, so that students can pursue their dreams no matter where they are.

In this blog, we will share some tips for sailing through the exam

Analyze your syllabus

When you start the preparation always analyze your syllabus especially according to your state goal. It is crucial to understand the subjects that cover under the syllabus. When we see the syllabus we find ourselves lost because of the wide range of the law parts included in it. PLA provides syllabus bifurcation for the judiciary preparation according to the state. It means which topic and section has been asked in the last years throughout from the topic of the syllabus because of which It becomes easy to crack the preliminary stage of the civil judiciary/ higher judiciary.

Time management skills

Every preparation requires time management skills. In the judiciary, preliminary and mains exams need time to understand the law. Set small goals in the day to achieve them easily and it enhances the time management skills. We organize the weekly test on Monday so, the preparation become more consistent & that help the student to manage their time and know their performances as well. Make a timetable for the study routine and it will maintain your day.

Answer writing

Mains (written) exam is an answer writing exam. It is the second stage of the judiciary preparation. But the most important one your semester it is difficult to write a complete answers in the minimum time and within the small space of the sheet. It is not where you have to write answer in 7-8 sheets. But only in 400/600 words maximum. PLA provides the questions for the preliminary and main questions at the end of the topic in the notes. So you can practice them as practice makes man prefect!

Practice is never ending process

We utilize our time to read the law and understand the law. It is not enough because of the exam point of view. The test should be given by the student to analyze their performances in the test. PLA provides study material in that material they give a test booklet with 3000 questions for the preliminary and 1000 questions for the mains for the practice for particular subjects as well as 10,000 tests on our app to make more practice of your concept.

Prepare together

The student thinks they have time for the preliminary and mains exams. It is not true because the mains is the answer writing exam and practice is needed the most. Preliminary is a multiple choice-based question exam. It means the mains exam weightage is high in probability. So, prepare together for the exam journey. PLA provides hybrid (online and offline) mode classes. They prepare the students according to the stage that help the aspirants to consistent in the journey.

The foundation of the law - case laws

How to know about the judiciary is not just with the courts or judges. The case laws or landmark judgements that change the whole perspective of society in the different case laws like Shreya Singhal v. Union of India, Justice K.S. Puttaswamy vs. Union of India, and Mohd. Ahmad Khan v. Shah Bano Begum. And so on the case laws lists is too long but worry not we make sure that you get your case laws according to the subjects and topics to ace your civil judiciary exam.

Previous year questions (PYQs)

It helps the student to understand the pattern of the exam and gives an idea about the changes and improvements in the question pattern. It enhances the accuracy of the speed in the exam. Students can know easily where they stand according to the exam. It is important to solve the previous year questions.