Pahuja Law Academy predominantly prepares the aspirants for Civil Judiciary Exams via two modes i.e online mode and offline mode. The academy has a structured course which covers relevant legal topics, case studies, and procedural aspects by conducting classes (online & offline) regularly.

Judicial Exams in India are conducted by High Courts, or various State Public Service Commissions depending on the level of Judiciary and the process generally includes Prelims, Mains and Interview. Each State has its own distinction as the specifics can vary on the basis of exam pattern, syllabus and selection process. Pahuja Law Academy offers comprehensive study materials, mock exams, regular assessments to determine progress of the aspirants. A team of expert faculties provides timely guidance and strategies for preparation of Civil Judiciary exams.

Pahuja Law Academy has been awarded as the India’s No.1 Judiciary and Law Entrance Coaching Institute by the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Delhi as well as by the Police Commissioner of Delhi for providing excellent coaching to help achieve Judiciary aspirants achieve their goal and also for gaining extraordinary success rate in short span of time.

Pahuja Law Academy has a team of professional and expert faculties for every subject and provides for a conducive learning environment. The comprehensive course structure of the academy includes major and minor laws along with local laws of various states, it also gives importance to general knowledge / general sciences, and language these subjects are the main components of Civil Judiciary Exams.

Many aspirants end up wasting their time by focusing too much for prelims preparation leaving minimal time to prepare for mains. Effective time management is the key to achieving success. Faculties at Pahuja Law Academy prepares the students for Civil Judiciary Exams in an efficient way. The study material of the academy for the Civil Judge Examination is very exhaustive as it provides their students with customized text books which makes their students understand the concept of provisions laid down in the bare acts clearly. The books are customized in such a way that it helps the students to study the bare acts by interlinking the provisions of another bare acts, doing this helps in improving the analytical skills of the students making it easier for the students to frame effective answers in the mains.

PLA also provides their students with test booklets for all the subjects and each test booklets come with more than 2500 prelims and more than 500 mains questions. This enhances simultaneous preparation for both prelims and mains examination and showcases effective time management. Every month the students are given Current Affair magazines, to keep them updated, separate G.K & G.S classes are held to prepare the students for prelims. Students are made to appear for subject wise test which is held every Monday. The test paper is structured in such a way that it includes all possible questions for prelims and mains and the question patterns are also set in the same way as that of Civil Judiciary Exam pattern to help the students become familiar beforehand.

The key feature of PLA is providing bullet notes. This helps the students to have a clear, precise and organized set of information. For acing Judiciary exams repetition of the syllabus and having wholesome knowledge is a must. Bullet notes help the students to revise and summarize the concepts quickly without missing out the important details of the concepts. It also reduces redundancy as adding abundance of redundant details makes it challenging in identifying key points and provides no substantial benefit to the students.

The students also have separate classes for Language which covers writing practices and translation focusing on Hindi and English language which strengthens the written and spoken skills of the aspirants who are aiming to become a judge. The faculties also provide the students with case laws which includes landmark cases and recent judgements that are important from the examination point of view for Judiciary.

PLA is the best place to receive coaching for Civil Judiciary Exams as it helps the students to prepare thoroughly for the State Judiciary Exams they wish to appear for, by providing state wise bifurcated syllabus. This bifurcation comprises of subject wise bifurcation which includes all of the questions which has been asked in that particular State’s Judiciary Exams in a particular year along with topic wise bifurcation which includes the questions that have been asked throughout that Judicial exam that is related to a topic of any subject.

Apart from focusing on the Prelims and Mains the academy also lays emphasis on grooming the aspirants for Civil Judiciary Exams. A separate interview guidance program involving Grooming Session (which helps the aspirants to act, dress and speak in a manner that is required by a Judge) and Mock Interviews (taken by the panel of experts which involves experienced judges) are also conducted to make the aspirant read for the Interview of Civil Judiciary Exams.

Most importantly PLA also helps the outstation students to prepare for Civil Judiciary exams at their own comfort as it also conducts online classes. The online classes are conducted to cater different learning preferences of those who are aiming to become a Judge. PLA was the first Indian Judiciary Coaching Institute to conduct online test series in judiciary. The institute has its own app known as Pahuja Law Academy app, for judiciary which contains sets of more than one lakh test questions ready to be solved by the students which are evaluated by the faculties. This helps the students to gauge their own progress. The institute is equipped with technologically advanced digital boards and fine cameras which helps the faculties to conduct classes smoothly. Besides providing with study materials the classes conducts are also recorded and updated in their app on the same day to ensure that the students who have missed classes do not go empty handed.