When it comes to preparing for your exam journey. As the name suggests it is exactly like the exam paper which you will face in the examination hall. It is made for the aspirants to examine themselves. Previous year papers give the idea about which question is asked many times and the development of the exam question pattern. Some important points regarding the mock tests and previous year papers are discussed below:

Identify Progress

Mock tests are the tests that can show the progress you are making. Progress is related to the marks and concept clarity of the subjects. Solving the Previous year paper gives the idea about how a particular question is asked from the topic of the syllabus and how much you have the speed to attend to the questions in a given time. This progress can be checked easily by joining us. As we keep a check on your progress throughout the journey.

Know your Strengths and Weaknesses

Every test that is given by the aspirants will not only show the marks but will show the strengths and weaknesses of the subjects. Mock tests expand the dimension of the preparation and give a reality check of the learning topic. The previous year paper gives you the ability to attempt questions in the exam and analyze your performance.

Time Management Skill

When we solve the mock test and the previous year paper. sometimes we cannot complete the test and paper in the allotted time. This happens because of the poor time management skills. It is very important to know about how much time we should take for the questions. Aspirants can join coaching also for time management that can be easily balanced and take good guidance from us. Pahuja Law Academy is the best judiciary coaching in Delhi, which works on all of your weaknesses and shapes your strengths.

Understanding the Pattern of the Exam

Do you also get worried about the pattern which keeps changing, not anymore as the test which we provide you is based on the real-time exam pattern. When any aspirant gives the test it will help them to understand the pattern of the exam. The previous year paper gives the idea about which pattern to use in the exam and the last year what changes happened. Exam pattern is analyzed by experienced Faculties and researchers which will help the aspirants to strategy their preparation.


Test series and previous year question papers are an easy way to know where you stand from the exam point of view. It makes you efficient in time management skills and improves your performance pressure. Practice makes a man perfect and that’s where we play a role to make you practice more and more even by giving you a surprise test!

Revision Source

When all of the syllabus is done by the aspirants then it will be the best time to give numerous tests for the revision process. Previous year's papers improve the revision and marks in the exam. For better results, Pahuja Law Academy is the judiciary coaching in Delhi organizes crash courses for the exams for a short period. In the courses, we provide questions and test series for practice for the revision of the subjects. So you can sit back and do your study very well.

Enhancement in Confidence

Aspirants usually solve many mock tests and previous year papers which will give results in the form of boosting confidence. Through the online judiciary guidance from us, they get instant results and the teachers give feedback to the students. After attempting the many papers and tests, you find many ways to make yourself better in the exam.

Frequently Asked Question

The mock tests and previous year questions (PYQs) give a significant benefit to the aspirants because they show the repeated questions that are previously coming in the exam. Questions can be either analytical or simple questions which will be asked in the exam so, it helps the aspirants to learn how to attempt such questions.