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On Campus Coaching at O.P. Jindal Global University (JGU)

This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signifies a dynamic alliance between O.P. Jindal Global University (JGU) and Pahuja Law Academy (PLA), embodying a commitment to excellence in education. Rooted in a shared understanding of common objectives, this collaboration aims to redefine the educational landscape.

The MOU meticulously establishes a comprehensive framework for coaching, training, and counseling services. Designating PLA as the 'Coaching Partner,' the agreement is tailored to empower JGU students with specialized career awareness sessions and coaching classes. This strategic alliance goes beyond conventional academic support, placing a strong emphasis on preparing students for competitive examinations and law entrance exams.

All training programs envisaged under this agreement will unfold within the vibrant academic precincts of JGU, fostering an immersive and enriching educational experience. The MOU, accompanied by detailed annexures, serves as a blueprint for a profound and symbiotic relationship between the institutions.

This collaborative venture is poised not only to elevate academic standards but also to nurture a holistic environment conducive to personal and professional growth. Through this MOU, JGU and PLA affirm their collective commitment to advancing higher education and creating a transformative impact on the educational journey of students.

This exhaustive Judicial Services Exam preparation course spans a duration of 22-month duration (every Saturday & Sunday at 10:00-3:00 p.m.) meticulously designed to cover both Prelims and Mains aspects.


About Us

At PLA, We provide Specialised Training to our Students that help them excel at Judiciary & other Law Entrance Exams.

India’s Leading Online Judiciary Coaching Institute.

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Best Judiciary Coaching in India

Online Judiciary Classes

Learning does not stop at PLA. We provide online courses for aspirants for distance learning or working individuals.

Extensive Study Material

PLA provides books for all major subjects which are related to Judicial Services Exams of different states of India.

Online Test

PLA has developed India’s first online test series which includes 50000+ questions for different states. Test your skills.

Specialist Faculty

PLA believes in specialisation and that’s why we have faculties with years of practical experience in their respective fields.

Flexible Timings

PLA allows its students to attend more than one batches in order to prepare at their own pace for judiciary exams.

Leaders of Tomorrow

At PLA, we create more than just judiciary officials, we create leaders of tomorrow who will be responsible for important decisions.

Best Application For Judiciary Preparation


The Pahuja Law Academy App for Judiciary and CLAT was released on both Google Play Store for Android and App Store for Apple IOS. We launched our App on 6th April, 2020 and have 5000+ downloads till today.

Online Judiciary Coaching

Register for Online Judiciary Demo Class, We Conduct it on Every Wednesday & Sunday 10 AM.

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Pahuja Law Academy provides free Judiciary & CLAT coaching for free under “Jai Bhim Mukhyamantri Pratibha Vikas Yojna” by Department for the Welfare for the Welfare of SC/ST/OBC/EWS.

Under this scheme, SC/ST/OBC/EWS aspirants can apply for free education for various competitive entrance exams at PLA. Under this scheme, Government of NCT of Delhi collaborates with reputed coaching institutes for its implementation.

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Pahuja Law Academy stands out as a premier institution for Judiciary coaching in India, boasting state-of-the-art infrastructure for our Judicial Services Classroom Programs. As education undergoes a digital transformation, Pahuja Law Academy has taken the lead in the Law Coaching Industry by launching timely and technologically advanced Online Coaching for Judiciary.

With a keen eye on the evolving landscape, our team seamlessly transitioned to online platforms, ensuring uninterrupted learning for our students. We prioritize their academic journey, offering online judiciary coaching programs at highly affordable fees. In less than two months, our application has garnered thousands of registrations, a testament to the trust students place in our online coaching.

Our Online Judiciary Coaching Program, available in both Hindi and English Mediums, features highly experienced teachers dedicated to delivering quality education. Join Pahuja Law Academy for cutting-edge online coaching that provides expert guidance, comprehensive study materials, and a dynamic learning environment. Register now and embark on a transformative learning experience, setting the stage for a successful legal career. Where excellence meets opportunity – choose Pahuja Law Academy.

About PLA Judiciary Coaching in Delhi

Pahuja Law Academy has established itself as a premier institute for judiciary coaching, emphasizing the vital role of the Judiciary and Judges in the country. The esteemed faculty adopts innovative teaching methods, ensuring comprehensive development and empowering students for success in judiciary and other law entrance exams.

In the competitive educational landscape, Pahuja Law Academy distinguishes itself by offering exclusive study materials meticulously crafted through extensive research. The language of these materials is intentionally designed to be simple and accessible, facilitating students in acquiring the necessary knowledge for outstanding performance in the judiciary entrance exam.

Acknowledging the unique challenges faced by students, Pahuja Law Academy goes beyond conventional coaching methods. The academy's expert faculty actively engages with students, providing consultation and motivation, guiding them to set and achieve their academic goals. Recognizing the evolving nature of education, the academy embraces technology by providing online test series and bullet notes, enabling students to conveniently access study materials from their laptops or mobile phones.

A testament to its commitment to staying at the forefront of educational advancements, Pahuja Law Academy takes a pioneering step towards a paperless study environment. The introduction of smart tablets enhances the interaction between students and faculty, marking a significant innovation in the realm of coaching institutes.

Central to Pahuja Law Academy's philosophy is student-centricity. The academy specializes in judiciary coaching and offers preparatory courses for CLAT, LLB, IAS Mains, LLB Subjects, and APO/APP (Hindi and English). Its comprehensive approach addresses both theoretical and practical aspects of competitive entrance exams, utilizing the latest communication tools and technologies.

The academy's commitment to excellence is reflected in its recognition as the best judiciary coaching center. Pahuja Law Academy has built a brand dedicated to providing quality exam preparation. The personalized attention students receive from successful experts underscores the academy's accountability for their success.

In the dynamic field of Judiciary CLAT, LLB, IAS Mains, LLB Subjects, APO/APP education, Pahuja Law Academy proudly stands as one of India's leading judiciary institutions. Beyond exam preparation, the academy instils self-awareness, recognizing and nurturing individual differences, guiding students towards a successful career and a promising future. Pahuja Law Academy not only prepares students for exams but shapes them into individuals ready to navigate the complexities of the legal profession with confidence and competence.

Best Judiciary Coaching in Delhi

Pahuja Law Academy (PLA) distinguishes itself as a leading institute for judiciary coaching in Delhi by spearheading a contemporary approach amid a plethora of conventional coaching methods. With an unwavering commitment to the success of judicial services aspirants, PLA places a premium on the learning process, incorporating a distinctive blend of effective teaching methodologies and seamless technology integration.

In-depth Insights into Key Measures Implemented by Pahuja Law Academy:

1. Expert Faculty for Each Subject:

PLA acknowledges the expansive and diverse nature of judiciary subjects, ensuring the provision of specialized teachers for each subject. This strategic approach exposes students to various subjects under the guidance of seasoned and qualified faculty members.

2. Comprehensive Study Material:

PLA delivers a meticulously curated study pattern by experts, ensuring the success of students. The institute's exceptional result rate serves as a testament to the efficacy of their comprehensive study materials.

3. Bullet Notes on Judiciary:

Exclusive to PLA, 'Bullet Notes' are extended to both online and offline judiciary coaching students. These succinct notes offer quick and easily digestible insights crucial for success in judiciary and other law exams.

4. Online Test Series:

As a ground-breaking initiative, PLA introduces the online test series for judiciary, setting the institute apart in the digital landscape. This platform enables aspirants to compete on a national level, facilitating real-time evaluation and introspection. Being the pioneer of online judiciary test series in India, PLA ensures that quality education is accessible to all.

Additional Features:
- Comprehensive Course Structure:

PLA's well-structured course covers all facets of judiciary preparation, ensuring a holistic approach to learning.

- Current Affairs Classes:

Dedicated current affairs classes keep students abreast of relevant information, fostering a dynamic understanding of the legal landscape.

- State-wise Bifurcated Syllabus:

Tailoring syllabus coverage according to specific state requirements demonstrates PLA's commitment to a focused and relevant approach.

- Interview Guidance Program:

PLA goes beyond written exams, assisting aspirants with interview preparation to enhance their overall readiness for the judicial services journey.

- Post-Course Benefits:

Even after completing the course, students at PLA continue to receive test series for both preliminary and mains exams, ensuring a sustained focus on success.

- Doubt Clearing Sessions:

Ongoing doubt clearing sessions with faculty members exemplify PLA's commitment to continuous support, guiding students even beyond the course duration.

Moreover, Pahuja Law Academy has been honoured as the best judiciary coaching in Delhi, receiving accolades from the Honourable Chief Minister of Delhi for consistently achieving excellent results each year. This recognition underscores PLA's commitment to transforming judicial services coaching. With a visionary outlook, PLA strives to reshape the landscape of judiciary coaching, inviting aspiring individuals to join and experience the transformative difference in their learning journey.


Prepare for your judicial exams with Pahuja Law Academy's advanced online platform. Our meticulously crafted study materials provide a deep exploration of the syllabus, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of legal concepts.

Delve into the expertise of our esteemed faculty through engaging video lectures. Our interactive doubt-clearing sessions offer a personalized touch, addressing your queries and solidifying your foundation in law.

Challenge yourself with our regularly updated practice tests and mock exams, designed to assess your progress and refine your exam-taking skills. Collaborate with fellow aspirants in our forums and discussion groups, fostering a supportive community for shared learning experiences.

Maintain discipline with our structured study schedules, covering all facets of the exam syllabus. Seek guidance from our experienced faculty whenever needed, leveraging their insights to navigate complex legal principles.

To enhance your exam readiness, analyse past papers to discern patterns and focus your preparation on areas that require attention. Pahuja Law Academy ensures a holistic and dynamic approach, equipping you with the knowledge and confidence to excel in your judicial exams.


Immerse yourself in the world of legal excellence with Pahuja Law Academy's Live Classes and Online Test Series. Our accomplished faculty, comprising seasoned legal professionals, delivers in-depth insights and practical knowledge through engaging, interactive sessions.

Explore meticulously crafted study materials covering foundational principles and advanced case analyses. Our dynamic classes seamlessly integrate theoretical knowledge with real-world applications, refining your critical thinking and legal reasoning skills.

Complementing our Live Classes is an extensive Online Test Series, meticulously designed to assess your understanding and exam readiness. Receive personalized feedback to fine-tune your preparation, ensuring you navigate legal examinations with confidence.

Join a vibrant community of aspiring legal minds, fostering collaborative learning. Pahuja Law Academy goes beyond being an educational institution; it's a supportive environment where your academic journey is nurtured, and success is a shared achievement.

Experience the synergy of Live Classes and Online Test Series at Pahuja Law Academy – where legal education converges with excellence, guiding you towards proficiency in the legal profession.

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Address D-1, 2nd Floor, Virat Bhawan, Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi-110009
Contact number 9821593226, 9821593227
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Judicial Services Examination 2023

The Provincial Civil Service Judicial Examination (PCS J) stands as a paramount goal for law aspirants aiming to join the esteemed Indian Judicial System. For those gearing up for upcoming recruitments, PLA (Pahuja Law Academy) serves as a guiding force. To embark on this journey, the initial crucial step involves selecting the desired state and applying. PLA provides comprehensive guidance, facilitating a strategic approach to excel in the examination. It's essential to recognize that each state has unique recruitment criteria, leading to variations from one state to another.

Therefore, a general overview is presented below to grasp the eligibility requirements and exam pattern for this prestigious examination. This foundational understanding enables aspirants to align their preparation with precision and purpose, propelling them towards achieving their goal in this coveted competitive exam.

The selection procedure for judicial services consists of three stages at two entry levels:

1. Preliminary Examination

2. Mains

3. Interview/Personality test

Providing a broad perspective, the Indian Judiciary Examinations encompass two entry levels: Higher Judiciary Exam and Lower Judiciary Exam.

Examination Name State Provincial Civil Service-Judicial Exam (PCS J) 2023
Mode of Application Online
Mode of Exam Offline (Pen & Paper Based)
Mode of Exam Offline (Pen & Paper Based)
Conducting Body State Public Service Commission/ Different Exam Conducting Authorities
Exam Type State Level Exam
Selection stages Three (Preliminary, Main, Interview)
Minimum Age 21-35 years (For Lower Judiciary & 35-45 years (For Higher Judiciary)
Eligibility Criteria LL. B degree and Indian Citizenship
Experience for Higher Judiciary Exam Minimum 7 years of litigating practice must be required
Experience for Lower Judiciary Exam There is no experience required

Details of Upcoming Judicial Services Examinations 2023

Judiciary Exams 2023 Apply Online No. of Recruitment
Delhi Click Here 53
Maharashtra Click Here 114
Madhya Pradesh Click Here 270
Bihar Click Here 155
West Bengal Click Here 29
Uttar Pradesh Click Here 303
Uttarakhand Click Here 16
Rajasthan Click Here 57
Haryana Click Here 129
Jharkhand Click Here 138
Telangana Click Here 10
Karnataka Click Here 57
Gujarat Click Here 212
Punjab Click Here 159

To be a part of the Indian Judicial System, selecting a state and successfully clearing its Judiciary exam is essential. PLA ensures comprehensive exam preparation, offering three distinct options for the convenience of our aspiring candidates.

Offline Coaching Program (Hybrid Mode) Online – Daily Live Class Program + Recorded Lectures Online – Recorded + Live Doubt Classes Program
Small batch size (50 students) Get access of Live Interactive Online Classes + recorded lecture for the same Get access of Recorded + Live Doubt Classes Program
Well furnished-classroom/ curated hard copies of study materials. Study material in hard copies & PDFs format. Study material in hard copies + PDFs format.
Courses Fees Amount Duration Regular Batch Duration Weekend Batch
Offline Class (Hybrid Mode) 1,90,000 15 months 22 months
Online – Daily Live Class Program + Recorded Lectures 1,60,000 15 months 22 months
Online – Recorded + Live Doubt Classes Program 1,40,000 15 months 22 months

Note: Classes for Live Recorded Classes runs from Monday to Thursday and Live doubt sessions are conducted on Friday’s and Saturday’s of every week.

Complimentary online and offline demo classes held every Sunday and Wednesday at 10 AM via our official App for those preparing for judicial and other law entrance exams.


States 2023 2022 2021
Madhya Pradesh Judiciary 04 07 **
Uttar Pradesh Judiciary 18 ** 08
Bihar Judiciary ** 40 25
Rajasthan Judiciary ** 07 1(pre)
Jharkhand Judiciary ** ** 05
Haryana Judiciary ** 12 **
Uttarakhand Judiciary 02 06 **
Delhi Judiciary 14 ** 05
Gujarat Judiciary ** 03 04
Odisha Judiciary ** ** 02
Haryana ADA ** 07 04
Uttarakhand A.P.O. ** 03 **
Bihar A.P.O 25 ** **
Delhi A.P.P 08 ** **
UPSC A.P.P CBI ** 05 **
UPSC P.P CBI ** 04 **

** This indicates that either the results are yet to be announced or the exams have not been conducted or indicates that there were no students from the academy appearing for the highlighted exams.