SC dismisses plea to transport mortal remains of Sufi saint from Bangladesh to India

• The Supreme Court dismissed a plea seeking the transfer of the mortal remains of Sufi Saint Hazrat Shah Muhammad Abdul Muqtadir Shah Masood Ahmad from Bangladesh to India.

• The court ruled that as the Sufi saint was a citizen of Pakistan, there was no legally enforceable right to request the repatriation of his mortal remains.

• The petitioner, Dargah Hazrat Mulla Syed, was represented by counsel, who asserted that the saint served as the spiritual leader, or Sajjada-nasheen, of the dargah in Uttar Pradesh.

• Born in Prayagraj (Allahabad), the saint migrated to Pakistan and acquired Pakistani citizenship in 1992. He was appointed as the Sajjada Nasheen of the shrine, Dargah Hazrat Mulla Syed Mohammad Shah, in Prayagraj in 2008.

• The three-judge Bench, headed by Chief Justice D. Y. Chandrachud, also included Justices J. B. Pardiwala and Manoj Misra.

Uttar Pradesh Madarsa Education Act,

• Allahabad High Court judgment declaring Uttar Pradesh Madarsa Education Act, unconstitutional, has been stayed by the Supreme Court.

• In its judgment of 22 March, Allahabad HC declared the Uttar Pradesh Board of Madarsa Education Act, 2004 unconstitutional as well as a violation of secularism.

• The Supreme Court bench was headed by Chief Justice of India D.Y. Chandrachud.

• It said the HC direction to accommodate Madrasa students in regular schools was unwarranted.

• The number of State-recognised madrasas in Uttar Pradesh is more than 16,000.

• The Supreme Court scheduled the case for further hearing in the second week of July.

• Under Article 136 of the Constitution, Supreme Court is authorized to grant special leave to appeal from any tribunal or court in the territory of India. It is a discretionary power of the Supreme Court.


National Handmade Day 2024 celebrated on 6 April

• National Handmade Day is annually celebrated on the first Saturday of April. This year, it fell on April 6th.

• The theme for National Handmade Day 2024 is 'Support Handmade: Buy Local'.

• The occasion is a tribute to the skill and dedication exhibited by individuals who craft handmade goods.

• It also serves as a reminder of the significance of small businesses and their contributions to the economy.

• This day is dedicated to encouraging people to purchase handmade products and support their local businesses.

• Founded by Amy Bierstadt in 2017, National Handmade Day was officially recognized by the government in 2018.

• It acknowledges the artistry and craftsmanship involved in handmade creations, spanning from baking and pottery to knitting and beyond.


Rakesh Mohan has been made a member of World Bank economic advisory panel.

• Rakesh Mohan, currently holding the esteemed position of President Emeritus at the Centre for Social and Economic Progress (CSEP), has been appointed as a member of the World Bank's esteemed economic advisory panel.

• He also contributes his expertise as a part-time member of the Prime Minister’s Economic Advisory Council.

• With a rich background including serving as the former Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of India, as well as holding positions such as Executive Director on the board of the International Monetary Fund, Economic Affairs Secretary, and Chief Economic Adviser in the Finance Ministry, Mohan brings a wealth of experience to the table.

• Lord Nicholas Stern, a respected figure in the field, will preside over the World Bank panel, with the co-chair position being held by World Bank Group Chief Economist Indermit Gill.

• Each esteemed panel member will dedicate two years of service to this crucial endeavor.


DRDO successfully test fires Agni Prime missile

• In a significant advancement in aerospace technology, India has successfully conducted the test-firing of the new generation nuclear-capable missile Agni Prime off the coast of Odisha.

• Developed by DRDO, this missile boasts a range of 2000 km and is set to be swiftly integrated into the armed forces. It represents a modern, lethal, and accurate addition to the Agni series of medium-range nuclear ballistic missiles.

• This Indian nuclear missile possesses the capability to simultaneously target multiple enemy sites. This latest test marks the second pre-induction night launch following three successful developmental trials of the Agni Prime missile, further bolstering its precision and reliability.

• The first pre-induction night launch of the Agni Prime nuclear missile took place on the night of June 7-8, 2023.


Kathia wheat from Uttar Pradesh's Bundelkhand gets Geographical Indication (GI) tag

• Kathiya Gehu (wheat) from the Bundelkhand region in Uttar Pradesh has received the first Geographical Indication (GI) tag for a farm produce in the area.

• Bundelkhand wheat variety gets GI tag.

• Kathiya wheat, also known as Durum wheat, is indigenous to the region and is rich in nutrition. Additionally, it is gluten-free, making it a healthier option for consumers.

• The GI tag will help in promoting Kathiya wheat as an indigenous brand. Its unique qualities, including its ability to thrive in harsh climatic conditions with minimal water requirement, will enhance its brand value and contribute to the prosperity of farmers in the region.


SJVN Limited has won two awards at the 15th CIDC Vishwakarma Awards 2024.

• SJVN Limited has once again demonstrated its commitment to excellence by clinching two prestigious awards at the esteemed 15th CIDC Vishwakarma Awards 2024.

• The company has been honored with the 'Achievement Award for Creating Social Development & Impact' and the 'CIDC Partners in Progress Trophy', marking its third consecutive year of recognition.

• These accolades underscore SJVN's noteworthy contributions to Corporate Social Responsibility, highlighting its dedication to making a meaningful difference in society.

• Instituted by the Construction Industry Development Council, these awards signify the industry's acknowledgment of SJVN's outstanding achievements.

• Originally known as Satluj Jal Vidyut Nigam, SJVN Limited is a distinguished public sector undertaking engaged in hydroelectric power generation and transmission.

• As a joint venture between the Government of India and the Government of Himachal Pradesh, SJVN Limited continues to play a pivotal role in the nation's energy sector, embodying a legacy of excellence and innovation.


In 2021, COVID-19 became the second leading cause of death globally, according to a Lancet study

• According to a recent study published in The Lancet journal, COVID-19 emerged as the second most prevalent cause of death globally in 2021, displacing stroke from its previous position.

• The research revealed a staggering mortality rate of 94 deaths per 100,000 population, resulting in a reduction of life expectancy by 1.6 years.

• Comparatively, the study noted a 7.5% increase in deaths worldwide in 2021 compared to the previous year, following a 10.8% rise observed in 2020 over 2019.

• This upward trajectory in mortality rates, indicating an 8.1% increase in 2020 and a subsequent 5.2% rise in 2021, underscores the profound impact of the pandemic on global health outcomes.

• India experienced a significant decline in life expectancy by 1.9 years due to COVID-19, despite a net gain of 7.9 years between 1990 and 2021.

• Meanwhile, ischemic heart disease maintained its status as the leading cause of death worldwide, persisting from 2019 to 2021 and even as far back as 1990.

• This condition, characterized by reduced blood flow due to vessel narrowing or clotting, continues to pose a significant health challenge.

• Stroke followed closely as the third leading cause of death, with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and other pandemic-related mortality rounding out the top five causes.