Supreme Court: Film trailers are not promises, only meant to create a buzz

• Promotional trailers are considered unilateral actions with the sole purpose of boosting ticket sales, without any binding contractual obligations.

• The recent Supreme Court ruling clarifies that trailers do not constitute offers or contractual agreements.

• This ruling emphasizes the clear differentiation between watching trailers and purchasing tickets, recognizing them as distinct transactions.

• The judgment of "YASH RAJ FILMS PRIVATE LIMITED vs. AFREEN FATIMA ZAIDI" clarifies that there exists no obligation for the content showcased in trailers to mirror the content of the actual movie, emphasizing the non-binding nature of trailer content.


World Veterinary Day 2024 celebrated on 27 April

• World Veterinary Day is an annual event celebrated on the last Saturday of April (27 April).

• The theme of World Veterinary Day 2024 is 'Veterinarians are Essential Health Workers'.

• It aims to highlight the significant contributions of veterinarians to the health of animals and society as a whole.

• This day recognizes the tireless efforts of veterinarians worldwide in safeguarding animal welfare, preventing and controlling animal diseases, promoting public health, and advancing medical research.


‘One Earth, One Family, One Future’ has been endorsed at SCO Defence Ministers’ Meeting in Kazakhstan.

• The slogan "One Earth, One Family, One Future" garnered support at the recent Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) Defence Ministers' Meeting in Astana, Kazakhstan.

• Among the attendees was Defence Secretary Giridhar Aramane, representing India, who actively participated in the discussions.

• During the meeting, the Defence Ministers from all SCO Member States jointly signed a protocol.

• Secretary Aramane reiterated India's steadfast dedication to upholding security, stability, and peace within the SCO region.

• He underscored the imperative need for a zero-tolerance stance towards terrorism to foster the prosperity and development of all SCO Member States. Aramane also highlighted India's persistent call at the United Nations for a Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism.7874

• He emphasized India's vision of "Security and Growth for All in the Region (SAGAR)," a concept aimed at promoting peace and prosperity in the Indo-Pacific region.


Indian passport is the second cheapest passport in the world.

• Following the UAE, the Indian passport ranks as the second most economical passport globally.

• It holds the distinction of being the most cost-effective when considering the price per year of validity.

• However, despite its affordability, Indian passport holders enjoy visa-free access to only 62 countries.

• UAE, with the number one spot, is the cheapest in terms of cost of acquisition and number of countries for visa-free access.

• An Australian firm, Compare the Market AU, has conducted this study.

• It studied the cost of obtaining passports from different countries the cost-effectiveness per year of validity, and also their value in terms of the number of countries to which it provides visa-free access.

• The study found that passports are most expensive in Mexico, where a 10-year passport costs US$231.05, followed by Australia, where a 10-year passport costs US$225.78.

• India has the second cheapest passport on the overall list, priced at US$18.07 for 10 years of validity, compared to US$17.70 for 5 years of validity in UAE.

• With a cost of US$1.81 per year, India has the cheapest passport in terms of cost per year of validity.


Novak Djokovic Wins Fifth Laureus Sportsman Award

• Novak Djokovic, Simone Biles, Aitana Bonmatí, and Jude Bellingham were honored at the 2024 Laureus Sports Awards ceremony held in Madrid.

• The event was a grand celebration of the world's best athletes and their achievements.

• Novak Djokovic, the world's top-ranked tennis player, was named the Laureus World Sportsman of the Year for the fifth time, matching Roger Federer's record for the most decorated male athlete in this category.

• Djokovic had previously won this award in 2012, 2015, 2016, and 2019.

• Bonmati makes history as the first footballer to win the Sportswoman of the Year award, adding another milestone to her career in women's football.