AmbedkarJayanti 2024 celebrated on April 14

• AmbedkarJayanti 2024, celebrated on April 14, commemorates the birth anniversary of Dr.BhimraoRamjiAmbedkar.

• Dr.BhimraoRamjiAmbedkar, also known as BabasahebAmbedkar, is widely recognized as the visionary who drafted the Indian Constitution.

• He served as India's first Law Minister in the Cabinet of Jawaharlal Nehru.

• The first public celebration of Ambedkar's birthday was organized on April 14, 1928, in Pune by activist Janardan Sadashiv Ranapisay.

• After this, April 14 has been celebrated as AmbedkarJayanti or BhimJayanti. Despite his humble origins, Dr.Ambedkar became one of the most respected legal minds in the country.

• On March 31, 2011, the Government of India declared April 14 a public holiday in the honor of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar's birthday.

JWorld Quantum Day 2024 celebrated on April 14

• India marked World Quantum Day on April 14, 2024, joining a global movement aimed at fostering understanding and admiration for quantum science and technology.

• As a nation striving to excel in diverse realms of Quantum Science and Technology, India's endeavors have surged notably following the inauguration of the National Quantum Mission (NQM) in 2023.

• The National Quantum Mission, approved by the Cabinet in April 2023, is a comprehensive eight-year program with a total outlay of Rs 6003.65 Crore.

• The mission aims to seed, nurture, and scale up scientific and industrial R&D, creating a vibrant and innovative ecosystem in Quantum Technology (QT).


Taliban To Restore Land Rights

• India has expressed appreciation for the Taliban regime's announcement to reinstate land rights for Afghan Hindus and Sikh minorities, viewing it as a constructive step forward.

• The Taliban government has established a commission dedicated to facilitating the return of property rights to the Hindu and Sikh communities, which were unjustly seized by warlords during the prior administration in Kabul.

• India has not yet recognized the Taliban regime and has been advocating for a truly inclusive government in Afghanistan, while also emphasizing that Afghan soil should not be used for terrorist activities.

• India has been pushing for unimpeded humanitarian aid to address the worsening humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan while re-establishing its diplomatic presence in Kabul in June 2022.

• India withdrew its officials from the embassy in August 2021 due to security concerns following the Taliban’s takeover.


India Ranks Fourth in Digital Services Exports

• In 2023, India rose to prominence as a leading exporter of digital services, surpassing China, according to a report by the World Trade Organization (WTO).

• The report underscores substantial growth in digitally provided services worldwide, with India's exports reaching $257 billion, reflecting a 17 percent surge from the previous year.

• This expansion exceeded that of Germany and China, both of which only saw a 4 percent increase.

• The report underscores a robust growth trajectory for digitally delivered services, despite a decline in global goods trade. Notably, in Europe and Asia, exports surged by 11 percent and 9 percent, respectively.

• Overall, digitally delivered services accounted for $4.25 trillion in global exports, representing 13.8 percent of world exports of goods and services.


John Dirks Gairdner Global Health Award

•  Dr.Gagandeep Kang, a distinguished Indian researcher, has been honored with the 2024 John Dirks Canada Gairdner Global Health Award for her outstanding contributions to global health research.

•  The Gairdner Foundation unveiled the recipients of the 2024 Canada Gairdner Awards, acknowledging pioneers in biomedical and global health research and breakthroughs worldwide.

•  The award, provided by the Gairdner Foundation of Canada, recognizes Dr. Kang's significant contributions to child health in India, highlighting the global recognition of her scientific achievements and dedication to improving healthcare outcomes.